Great Locker Rooms

Treatment we had: 50-minute couples massage, $120 a person.

What we loved: A 45-minute drive from DC, this is a true destination spa where everything is top-notch. The staff is attentive; marble-adorned changing areas include sauna, steam, whirlpools, showers, and fluffy robes.

I had dragged along my boyfriend, who’d never been to a spa, promising relaxation and nothing too girly. He emerged after a half hour later in the men’s changing area and pronounced the experience already better than he’d expected.

We were escorted to a couples lounge, which featured an assortment of teas, blankets, and magazines. Separate lounge areas are also available for men and women. The couples treatment room was spacious, with soft lighting for a romantic glow.

As the massages progressed, my therapist worked out kinks in my neck and shoulders that felt as though they’d been there for years—kneading muscles almost to the point of pain but providing much-needed relief. My only complaint: When my boyfriend was asked to turn on his back, my therapist seemed to rush so that we could finish our treatments at the same time. Next time, I’ll book individual massages. But I can’t fault the result—I was loose and relaxed for days after.

What you should know: The treatments are expensive, but regulars can sign up for a “reward membership”; referrals, repeat treatments, and product purchases all earn points leading to discounts.

Bottom line: If you want a first-rate resort-spa experience without traveling far, this is it.

Spa Minérale, Lansdowne Resort, 44050 Woodridge Pkwy., Lansdowne; 703-729-4036;

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