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The Tweet Beat: The Best Congressional Tweets of the Week

Big “awwwwws” for John McCain and Sarah Palin for their obvious parental pride. Apart from that, considering this week’s news (the historic nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, the missile launches in North Korea, deadly bomb attacks in Iraq and Pakistan to name just a few) our representatives seem to be primarily concerned with the minutiae of their daily lives, including viral Hepatitis Awareness Month and pet allergies. Really.

DarrellIssa: I think that, contrary to a few good men’s counsel, WE CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH!
Rep. Darrell Issa, CA.

SenJohnMcCain: A great day for Jack! 4th generation graduating from the Naval Academy
Sen. John McCain, AZ.

senatorcollins: look forward to bringing Secretary of Defense Gates to BIW, certain he’ll be impressed by the shipbuilders and infrastructure improvements
Sen. Susan Collins, ME.

kevinomccarthy: Just finished the book How We Decide by Jonah Lehrer …a pretty good read
Rep. Kevin McCarthy, CA.

kevinomccarthy: Will be reading on the flight back Captive Warriors which tells the story of Congressman Sam Johnson’s POW experience in Vietnam…
Rep. Kevin McCarthy, CA.

RepMikeHondaBlog: May is Viral Hepatitis Awareness Month
Rep. Mike Honda, CA.

SenatorMenendez: Beautiful night in Hoboken. Looking at the NY skyline and the glitter of the lights along the river.
Sen. Robert Menendez, NJ.

GovernorPerry: talking to meeting of conservative bloggers today…that community is growing in leaps and bounds!!!
Gov. Rick Perry, TX.

RepJoeBarton: About to ride in Ennis polka fest parade. Come on to Ennis today and enjoy the dancing,food, and crafts booths
Rep. Joe Barton, TX.

clairecmc: Rules of the road:I want all comments especially from #MO.Disagreement welcome.But I’ll block anyone who uses the F word.Only happened once.
Sen. Claire McCarthy, MO.

clairecmc: Suffice it to say you can disagree with me plenty without using B—- F—- and President of the United States’ name in the same sentence.
Sen. Claire McCarthy, MO.

ChuckGrassley: Memorial Day. Remember those brave men and women who gave lives to defend freedom u and. I enjoy
Sen. Chuck Grassley, IA.

SenJohnMcCain: Going to the D-backs game with Jack & Cindy is going to throw out the first pitch!
Sen. John McCain, AZ.

AKGovSarahPalin: Picking up my handsome little man to rtrn to Juneau, Trig got 1st haircut so my little hippie baby’s ready for AK sunshine on his shoulders!
Gov. Sarah Palin, AK.

Schwarzenegger: Watch Jay Leno tonight – it’s going to be a fantastic show.
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, CA.

Schwarzenegger: I believe one day CA will recognize gay marriage but I will uphold decision. Made right choice allowing 18K marriages before vote to stand.
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, CA.

GovernorPerry: Weiner dog to the vet….what kinda strange allergies are out there??? Her eyes are almost swollen shut?
Gov. Rick Perry, TX.

newtgingrich: Auschwitz is a horrifying experience which reminded me of thee vil of kim jong I’ll and dangers of al qaeda hamas and hezbollah
Newt Gingrich.

RepPaulBrounMD: CNBC reports that the gov. now owns 69% of GM. We must stop the steamroller of socialism!
Rep. Paul Broun, GA.

RepLynnJenkins: Just got notice that it looks like the post office in Randolph will be staying open!
Rep. Lynn Jenkins, KS.

DarrellIssa: The oversight team back in Washington is working on some good stuff for you all. America, get excited for oversight in action.
Rep. Darrell Issa, CA.

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