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Listen Up! brings you songs of bands and performers coming through town in the next week. Listen up, then go check them out live. (And, yes, we know we’re a day late!)

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Wednesday, June 18
• Whether making music or sitting down for a chat, the guys from local band These United States are a hoot. Tonight is the guys’ last show in town before they leave for a tour in the UK. These United States plays at the Rock and Roll Hotel.

• We’re not ones to readily buy into hype, but music site Stereogum is a source we tend to trust. That’s why we’re paying close attention to San Diego quartet The Muslims. In “Nightlife,” front man/guitarrist Matt Lamkin demands to be let go with such irreverence it almost makes us want to tell the same thing to our boss. Almost. The Muslims play at DC 9.

Thursday, June 19
• Johnathan Rice may be headlining tonight’s show at the Rock and Roll Hotel, but it’s the opening acts—Maria Taylor and Nick Freitas—we’re interested in. Maria Taylor, who used to be a part of duo Azure Ray, just released her second solo album,  Lynn Teeter Flower. “Tell Me,” recorded with Overhead’s Andy LeMaster would have been our pick, but we couldn’t find a stream version of the track (you can listen to the song on Taylor’s myspace page, though). In lieu of “Tell Me,” we play you the catchy “Song Beneath the Song,” from Taylor’s first album, 11:11.

• In town just recently to open for Rilo Kiley, California native Nick Freitas  is back, and this time, there’s no excuse to miss out on his pensive, warm pop songs—of which, “Sun Down” is the best. For kicks, check out Freitas’ website: There’s a funny bio blurb about the artist written by a neighbor.
Friday, June 20
Luke Brindley, whose brother Daniel recently joined us for a chat with music club bookers, is celebrating the release of his Five Songs EP with a performance at—where else—Jammin’  Java.

Sunday, June 22
•  Sybris’ “Oh Man!” isn’t one of those songs that immediately takes over your brain—like, say, anything by the Ting Tings—but give it a couple of listens and you’ll quickly find yourself unable to refrain from blurting out the lyrics. We hold singer Angela Mullenhour’s powerful delivery responsible. Think Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Karen O, minus the crazy. Sybris plays DC9.

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