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The Tweet Beat: The Best Congressional Tweets of the Week

Here are six words that wouldn’t have meant much this time last year: Sarah Palin. Quoting Plato. On Twitter. There was a lot of excitement over the holiday weekend, but by far the biggest news was when Palin announced her resignation as governor of Alaska on Friday. And being Sarah Palin, she declined interviews with the press and turned to Twitter instead to explain (through quotations) why quitting before the end of her term was about “pursuing larger vision in opposition to popular, powerful pressure.” Or something.

In other news, Al Franken arrived in Washington, giving Democrats something to smile about. Denny Rehberg attended the weirdest Fourth of July parade we’ve ever heard of, John Boehner decided a job-sniffing bloodhound might be his party’s best solution to last month’s hefty loss of jobs, Jared Polis shot a potato gun and John Barrow throws his two cents into the culinary tweet collection.

greshambarrett: Yesterday, I called Governor Sanford and asked him to resign. You can read more by visiting this link:
Rep. Gresham Barrett, SC.

ChuckGrassley: Morning Kiwanis 75persons Issues: health reform recession credit crunch and “how did we get into economic situation we are in”
Sen. Chuck Grassley, IA.

Schwarzenegger: Fresno protests have good lines. Esp. the guy asking me 2 sign Terminator 2 & budget. But saying he loved me in Red Sonja – below the belt.
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, CA.

ChuckGrassley: Enjoying thick chocolate malt at North English Malt Shop
Sen. Chuck Grassley, IA.

CynthiaLummis: All set to ride in the Cody parade this morning. Skies are cloudy but the American spirit is sky high.
Rep. Cynthia Lummis, WY.

: Headed to Butte tomorrow for the parade. This years theme: A Salute to Organized Labor. See you there…
Rep. Denny Rehberg, MT.

AKGovSarahPalin: We’ll soon attach info on decision to not seek re-election… this is in Alaska’s best interest, my family’s happy… it is good, stay tuned
Gov. Sarah Palin, AK.

GOPLeader: GOP Leader Blog: Fox News Highlights Boehner Web Video Featuring Ellie Mae the Job-Sniffing GOP Bloodhound
Rep. John Boehner, OH.

jaredpolis: Today: booth at farmer’s market, went on hiking tour of a wilderness area we’re trying to preserve, honored veterans, and shot a potato gun
Rep. Jared Polis, CO.

GovernorPerry: Just finished TEA party in Sulphur Springs. Fired up and fed up with Washington crowd!! Find a TEA party tomorrow! Freedom & Liberty…
Gov. Rick Perry, TX.

: Met folks from Fort Worth to Frisco, from McKinney to Mesquite. All concerned about the direction Washinton is taking the country.
Rep. Michael Burgess, TX.

AKGovSarahPalin: Funny! In the words of my sis:Aren’t the same ones w/fake twitter sites & blogs crying “she’s ‘abandoning’ us” the same ones wishing u gone?
Gov. Sarah Palin, AK.

AKGovSarahPalin: See letter from my attorney on baseless allegations of past 24hrs @
Gov. Sarah Palin, AK.

AKGovSarahPalin: Critics are spinning, so hang in there as they feed false info on the right decision made as I enter last yr in office to not run again….
Gov. Sarah Palin, AK.

newtgingrich: It was very heart warming to see the miliyary and especially the wounded warrios honored at the tiger woods tournament in washington
Newt Gingrich.

newtgingrich: It is true that since I type virtually all my tweets (and direct the others which are usually links to articles) I sometimes make typoes.
Newt Gingrich.

OrrinHatch: Vigorously defended Palin on KSL this morning. Liberals and press malign her every chance they get because she’s courageous and pro-life.
Sen. Orrin Hatch, UT.

jasoninthehouse: Chatted with Barney Frank in the SLC airport. He too is headed back to DC.
Rep. Jason Chaffetz, UT.

RepDanBurton: Going to introduce an amendment today to block Dems from allowing illegal immigrants to get food stamps.
Rep. Dan Burton, IN.

chelliepingree: My committee is back to work in DC today, but first I am making a quick stop to celebrate Al Franken’s swearing in, very exciting!!
Rep. Chellie Pingree, ME.

SenBillNelson: Was happy to see Al Franken here today, glad that election finally is decided. Known Al for a while. I think you’ll see he’s a good guy.
Sen. Bill Nelson, FL.

AKGovSarahPalin: Couple of thoughts for the day on beautiful bright AK morn:”You have to sacrifice to win. That’s my philosophy in 6 words.”- George Allen. &
Gov. Sarah Palin, AK.

AKGovSarahPalin: Today,try this: “Act in accordance to your conscience -risk- by pursuing larger vision in opposition to popular, powerful pressure”-unknown
Gov. Sarah Palin, AK.

: The Muncie Star Press reports that Welliver’s smorgasbord in Hagerstown has new economic life. This is welcome news:
Rep. Mike Pence, IN.

zachwamp: July 9 is my wife’s birthday. Kim is the most gracious, decent, beautiful person I know. Tennesseans will love her too. Happy Birthday Kim !
Rep. Zach Wamp, TN.

chelliepingree: Freshmen just passed our 500th vote. What an honor to be serving at this moment, so many challenges and so much opportunity for change.
Rep. Chellie Pingree, ME.

AKGovSarahPalin: So AK kids: take time to take your parents fishing: “You learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation” -Plato
Gov. Sarah Palin, AK.

repjohnbarrow: Couldn’t disagree more w/Tom Sietsema abt Mrs Wilkes. But I’m right with him on Despositos–its great!
Rep. John Barrow, GA.

GOPLeader: Ellie Mae, the job-sniffing GOP bloodhound, passes 50k views:
Rep. John Boehner, OH.

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