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Best of Washington: My Favorite Things About Summer

We asked readers to submit their favorite things about summer in Washington—and we got a slew of great answers.

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*Running along the C&O Canal and waving to the boats.

—Alicia D’Alessandro, Glover Park

*The Legg Mason Tennis Classic at night under the lights.

*A run in the wee hours before the pavement is just too hot and the air so humid.

—Anita Sharma,Cleveland Park

*Going to the Maine Avenue wharf in DC to get live crabs and taking them home and steaming them with friends and cold beer.

—Anthony Brown, Laurel

*Going to the zoo and getting under the sprinklers.

*The Capital Fringe Festival in July.

*Going to the Mall on the Fourth of July and finding fireworks ash in your hair the next day.

*Sitting on the lawn at Wolf Trap with friends and a bottle of wine.

*Going to Nats games and drinking beer while eating some Ben’s.

—Kathleen Blanche, Herndon

*Epic thunderstorms, unless they blow out your power for a couple of days.

—Hoang-Kim Vu,Foggy Bottom

*Less traffic.

—Stephanie Paulson, Clarendon

*Picnics in the Bishop’s Garden on the grounds of Washington National Cathedral.

*Riding bikes on the Capital Crescent Trail in the late afternoon.

—Leanne Loveday, Chevy Chase

*Friends with rooftop views of the Fourth of July fireworks.

—Katherine Giuffre, Silver Spring

*Finding one of the many random little patches of grass and lying down for a read, with my dog panting happily beside me.

—Amber McDonald,Shaw

*Flirting. Whether it’s a drink on the waterfront or a smile shared while crossing Dupont Circle, Washington gets flirtier over the summer.

—Nicole Landguth, Arlington

What's your favorite thing about Washington in the summer? Tell us in the comments below! 

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