The Pizza Pool: Cafe Pizzaiolo vs. Duccini’s Pizza

UPDATE: This poll is now closed; Cafe Pizzaiolo won! You can see the latest Pizza Pool updates and contests here

Who makes the best pizza in Washington? You tell us! We're asking you to vote in the first Pizza Pool, a brackets-style contest that will narrow 32 pizzas to one winner. For a refresher on how the brackets will work, head here.

Yesterday, Pete's New Haven Apizza took the first win over Ledo's; voting is still going on in the Comet Ping Pong vs. Piola face-off; you can vote on that here. That contest is over; Piola won. To see today's match up, check below. 

Cafe Pizzaiolo: Yes, there’s a stone-hearth oven, and the crisp, well-salted crusts are minimally sauced, but these pizzas aspire less to the boutique ideal than to the flat, zesty pies owner Larry Ponzi grew up eating during Brooklyn summers.

Duccini's: The pizza at this U Street spot holds up very well to delivery, and there's a good balance of very flavorful cheese and nicely spiced tomato sauce.

Did you know? If you click the links of each of those restaurants' names, you can leave your own review of their pizza at that page!

This poll will stay open until noon on Wednesday.

*To help keep this contest fair, we’ve elected to use an IP address-based poll. This means that if you are voting from an office or network setting, not everybody will be able to vote. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we hope you’ll encourage coworkers to vote from their home computers.