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Fire Dan Snyder!

Bloggers take to the barricades against the Redskins owner.

In this disheartening Redskins season, a revolt against team owner Dan Snyder has spread through Redskin fandom. In response, Fedex Field security has been ordered to shred, stomp, or seize any protest signs directed at Snyder or the team’s top executive, Vinny Cerrato. (See accounts by the Post’s Dan Steinberg of fans at Monday night’s loss who were allegedly harassed by security and ejected for screaming “Danny sucks” near the ESPN booth.)

Fans in turn have taken their protest to a place beyond management’s control: the Web. From bitter blogs to fiery Facebook tirades, what some describe as Fascist Landover is under attack.

Sell The Team Dan was launched by a trio of lifelong Skins fans who refer to Snyder as “a blowhole who should stick to amusement parks.” Accompanied by a light-hearted recording of “Fail to the Redskins” by the so-called Ashburn Funeral Choir, the site solicits suggestions for a new team owner. Our favorites: “Steve Spurrier, because at least you know how to give up and let someone who knows what he’s doing make the decisions”; and “Kanye West, because, ‘Now, imma let you finish here. . . but I just want to say that Dan Snyder is the worst team owner of all time.’”

Another blog, Darth Snyder, rails against “a tyrant that has handcuffed countless coaches, players, and administrators over the past decade.”

Fire Dan Snyder hit the Web with a chronological highlight reel of Snyder’s mistakes over the past ten years. “I was only 13-years-old when Daniel M. Snyder entered my life,” the blogger writes. “And little did I know he would proceed to ruin my Sundays for every fall for the rest of my life.”

Fire Dan Snyder shouldn’t be confused with its like-minded counterpart, Sack Dan Snyder, whose creator has calculated the payroll for the Redskins roster of “highly paid losers” per game ($6,687,500), minute ($111,458), and second ($1,860) this season. Follow the site’s link to Redskins Glory Days, where you can purchase anti-Snyder paraphernalia. But be warned: We hear Snyder’s roving henchman make it unsafe to carry outside your house any “Screw Snyder” T-shirts, mugs, or foam hand with a raised middle finger.

A quick Facebook search reveals that there are more than 20 groups dedicated to uniting those who despise the Redskins’ owner. Between the straightforward “I Hate Dan Snyder,”, the more pressing “Dan Snyder Must Go!!”, and the slightly irrational “F**k Dan Snyder, He is the Anti-Christ” (which has been removed for violating Facebook codes), the social network has become an electronic soapbox with a thesaurus of Danny Boy hate.

The most popular of these groups is one of the three named “Fire Dan Snyder.” With more than 2,400 members, it has grown at a rate of more than 450 people a day this week. Following the loss to Philadelphia on Monday, a member posted a link to Colorworks, which logged more than 100 sales last week of burgundy-and-gold shirts emblazoned with Worst. Owner. Ever. And that was just in the first three days on the market.

“At the end of the day, the Redskins are private property, so I understand why Snyder censors fans in the stadium,” says Colorworks president James Warlick. “The king can do whatever he wants.”

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