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Tweet Beat: The Best Congressional Tweets of the Week

It was inevitable that the Salahis would enter the congressional Twittersphere, and this week they did, albeit slightly misspelled. It was also inevitable that even at a party, surrounded by mistletoe and eggnog and the spirit of Christmas, Pete Hoekstra would find something to grumble about. But it makes a change from healthcare at least (which is still the topic du jour)- we thought we might have seen an end to the puns but Orrin Hatch seems determined to ride them till the wheels fall off. At least his Hanukkah song was funny.

In other news, Mary Fallin may or may not be reading Going Rogue but we certainly are. Jim Himes goes to the cinema, Nathan Deal shamelessly manipulates Santa to promote his own campaign, David Vitter is a screamer, John Sullivan watches The Biggest Loser and John Shimkus makes an unfortunate typo. What is it with the Johns this week? John McCain wants drugs to be cheaper. And John Boehner hates Shakespeare.

MaryFallin: Sounds like everyone had a great time at the Palin book signing
Rep. Mary Fallin, OK.

JudgeCarter: Safe travels for all those here in Texas who might have ‘snow’ this weekend!
Rep. John Carter, TX.

SenSherrodBrown: Oops. Sent too quick. After bill passes, Connie and I look forward to enrolling in public option. Best plan out there. Sherrod
Sen. Sherrod Brown, OH.

OrrinHatch: The length of the Dem health care bill is enough to make you sick.
Sen. Orrin Hatch, UT.

jahimes: Saw Pirate Radio tonight. Great cast, whole lotta fun. Definitely recommend it if you’re a Rock & Roll fan. Or a sailor.
Rep. Jim Himes, CT.

CongJoeWilson: Rain is holding as I participate in Columbia. Carillon parade. Each year terrific Christmas spirit with enthusiastic cloggers
Rep. Joe Wilson, SC.

VoteDeal: Santa says: “Vote Deal!” Join Deal. Real. tent at Chistmas parade in Jasper. Parade @ 6.
Rep. Nathan Deal, GA.

clairecmc: So weird when politics turns good news into cynical disappointment.
Sen. Claire McCaskill, MO.

DavidVitter: Saints win not pretty, but fantastic.Was watching in cloakroom right off Senate floor.Chair rebuked cloakroom for noise twice,that was me.
Sen. David Vitter, LA.

RobWittman: Washingtonian has me on the Best Congressional tweets of the Week:
Rep. Rob Wittman, VA.

FrankPallone: Went on Ed Schultz radio show to talk about health care reform. It’s now in the lap of the Senate. I’m optomistic that it will be approved.
Rep. Frank Pallone, NJ.

bobinglis: Dick Wilkerson talked about being right-and-approachable as opposed to being right-and-martyr-like. The first gets results.
Rep. Bob Inglis, SC.

petehoekstra: Going to WH Christmas party.3 checkpoints and .more than 1 hour later we might be in.Thank you Selahi’s! Selahi a new term meaning long wait
Rep. Pete Hoekstra, MI.

IRL: The White House always looks lovely @ Christmas: attended Congressional party 2nite. Hate to be catty but the First Lady looked stunning.
Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, FL.

lisamurkowski: Murkowski Introduces Bill to Study Feasibility of an Arctic Deep Water Port.
Sen. Lisa Murkowski, AK.

OrrinHatch: Skipped the White House Christmas Party last night to stay in the Senate and continue fighting against this lousy health care bill.
Sen Orrin Hatch, UT.

TeamSullivan: I’m pulling for Broken Arrow’s own Danny Cahill on Biggest Loser. I know he can win it!! If you aren’t watching, tune in now!
Rep. John Sullivan, OK.

SenJohnMcCain: headed 2 the floor 2 speak in support of prescription drug importation–Americans deserve cheaper, safe, imported prescription drugs
Sen. John McCain, AZ.

SteveKingPress: At the WH Christmas Ball Monday night, they served ACORN cookies:
Rep. Steve King, IA.

GOPLeader: It lists ‘stimulus’ dollars going to supersonic corporate jet research, Shakespeare festivals, and a ‘clown’ theatrical production
Rep. John Boehner, OH.

RepShimkus: Romans1:16 I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ: it is the power of slavation to all that believe; the Jew first, but also to the Greek.
Rep. John Shimkus, IL.

SenBillNelson: A guy who punched someone outside one of my speeches on health-care reform gets sent to anger classes
Sen. Bill Nelson, FL.

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