Dirt Cheap Eats 2009: Meaza

Meaza Zemedu claims that her sprawling, multi-level space is the largest Ethiopian restaurant in the country. Maybe so. We can say without a doubt it’s among the very best Ethiopian restaurants in the area. And perhaps the most distinct.

Meaza breaks from the competition with a darker, tangier version of injera, the crepe-like bread used for scooping up the slow-cooked stews, or wats. And the menu is more meat-centric, with only a couple of vegetarian options. Zero in on the crusty-tipped lamb ribs ($6.99)—eat them with your fingers—a satisfying stew of lamb and tripe, and yebeg tibs ($12.99), a portion of leg of lamb reduced to bite-size cubes and sautéed with a pinch of fresh ginger.

Open daily for lunch and dinner.

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Ann Limpert
Executive Food Editor/Critic

Ann Limpert joined Washingtonian in late 2003. She was previously an editorial assistant at Entertainment Weekly and a cook in New York restaurant kitchens, and she is a graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education. She lives in Logan Circle.