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Tapper’s Always On

In 2009, health-care reform, Afghanistan, and the Obama presidency topped the news, according to analyst Andrew Tyndall’s annual roundup of network news—but what about the people who actually bring us the news?

According to Tyndall, here are Washington’s biggest-talking White House and Capitol Hill reporters from last year.

White House

Jake Tapper, ABC: 370 minutes of airtime.

Chip Reid, CBS: 341.

Chuck Todd, NBC: 288.

Capitol Hill

Nancy Cordes, CBS: 194.

Jonathan Karl, ABC: 173.

Kelly O’Donnell, NBC: 163.

For the decade, NBC diplomatic correspondent Andrea Mitchell got top billing, with 2,416 minutes of airtime over ten years. Of course, no one in Washington logs airtime like CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, who anchors 15 hours a week of live TV—more than double the time Tapper gets in an entire year.

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