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The Tweet Beat: The Best Congressional Tweets of the Week

All health care, all the time. Because so many of this week’s tweets were focused on the historic passage of health care reform, we decided to pull out some of the best ones to show the gravitas and intellectual honesty with which our representatives were responding to such an occasion. In other words, everyone is disagreeing absolutely, names are being called and Randy Neugebauer decided to follow Joe Wilson’s excellent example of shouting something rude  on the house floor and consequently raising his profile and his campaign war chest. Who says bad manners don’t pay?

In other news (even though there isn’t any), the Dems are gloating just a little bit. Is John Boehner happy? #Hellno. Bob Corker is outraged that someone would dare to insinuate that Dolly Parton doesn’t like him. And Steve King is taking on Sarah Palin, for which we have to admire his courage.

CongJeffMiller I can’t believe these “pro-lifers” putting the fate of gov’t funded abortions in the hands of a pro-choice president.
Rep. Jeff Miller, FL.

RepGoodlatte – View of the crowd from the House Members’ balcony
Rep. Bob Goodlatte, VA.

RandyNeugebauer Bart Stupak sold out to Nancy Pelosi and will now support the Senate version that allows for government funded abortions.
Rep. Randy Neugebauer, TX.

repblumenauer Instead of applauding House disruptions or egging on protesters, why aren’t republicans condemning their racist and homophobic acts?
Rep. Earl Blumenauer, OR.

RandyNeugebauer Republicans Raise Objections, Protesters Raise a Ruckus
Rep. Randy Neugebauer, TX.

jaredpolis There are a few thousand tea bag patriots in town and a few hundred thousand immigration reform patriots, documented and undocumented
Rep. Jared Polis, CO.

JimDeMint What’s happening in the Capitol today gives a whole new meaning to “March Madness.”
Sen. Jim DeMint, SC.

RepMaryFallin – Reacting to crowds of Americans who have travelled from near and far to be in Washington to express their deep c
Rep. Mary Fallin, OK.

The NY Times now has the count on the bill at 218 yes-209 no with 4 undecideds (Boucher, Costello, Lincoln Davis…
Rep. Jeff Miller, FL.

RepTomPrice The Democrat health care bill has an employer mandate that will destroy jobs.
Rep. Tom Price, GA.

HarryEMitchell 2. #HCR will improve Medicare for 84,000 beneficiaries and will close the prescription drug donut hole
Rep. Harry Mitchell, AZ.

RepDaveCamp Democrats are abusing Congressional rules, bypassing over a century of historical procedure that requires 60 votes in the Senate for passage
Rep. Dave Camp, MI.

ChuckGrassley Flying bk DC Sun aftrnoon instead of Mon morn to get ahead of curve on Health/Stupak move “shocked”me I thought his stance wld hv kild bill
Sen. Chuck Grassley, IA.

RepHankJohnson RT @wonkroom: Rep. Weiner: “We shouldn’t do a victory dance in the end zone until that reconciliation bill is signed, sealed delivered.”
Rep. Hank Johnson, GA.

keithellison Welcome to America the caring, the generous!
Rep. Keith Ellison, MI.

CongJoeWilson Eric Cantor is fighting for freedom and we can be grateful for his leadership for liberty.
Rep. Joe Wilson, SC.

virginiafoxx Boehner on floor. Powerful Comments. Asking for roll call vote. He reminds us this is people’S house but it is broken
Rep. Virginia Foxx, NC.

keithellison Ds all stand and applaud the best Speaker in American history, Nancy Pelosi
Rep. Keith Ellison, MI.

SteveKingIA Pelosi speaking now. Mood of Democrats is jubilant. I now think they have the votes. There will be a reckoning.
Rep. Steve King, IA.

CynthiaLummis The great philosophical divide in America is represented in this debate.
Rep. Cynthia Lummis, WY.

RobWittman I would have hoped that we would have addressed the issues of tort reform and increasing efficiency in the healht care delivery system
Rep. Rob Wittman, VA.

repblumenauer Speaker Pelosi: “passing this bill means being a woman will no longer be a pre existing condition”. Go Nancy go!
Rep. Earl Blumenauer, OR.

keithellison 208
Rep. Keith Ellison, MI.

RoyBlunt Just voted NO. I am standing with Missourians for our health care and our freedom.
Rep. Roy Blunt, MO.

CongJoeWilson Tragic vote in Washington for Big Government, but champions for limited government must prevail in November for liberty and freedom!
Rep. Joe Wilson, SC.

CynthiaLummis Pelosi wins. America loses.
Rep. Cynthia Lummis, WY.

repblumenauer So much energy, like New Year’s Eve for the American people.
Rep. Earl Blumenauer, OR.

GOPLeader “Ask yourself: do you really believe that if you like your health care plan today, you’ll be able to keep it?”
Rep. John Boehner, OH.

SteveKingIA Stupak won’t vote for his own amendment. It was a ruse all along.
Rep. Steve King, IA.

SenSherrodBrown What a great great night for our country. The activism of so many of you made the difference. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Sherrod
Sen. Sherrod Brown, OH.

tomperriello for a century, our leaders have promised affordable health care for all Americans. tonight, we delivered that result.
Rep. Tom Perriello, VA.

SteveKingIA Last out of Capitol after midnight. Last protesters put up great cheer for me. I stood with for photos then learned they were for Obamacare
Rep. Steve King, IA.

RepRadanovich I would like to set the record straight and be clear that I did not make the statement calling Rep. Stupak a “Baby Killer”.
Rep. George Radanovich, CA.

RandyNeugebauer  It has been a busy day in Washington. Thanks everyone for your continued support. 
Rep. Randy Neugebauer, TX.

johnboehner  With the stroke of a pen, President Obama has signed away another share of Americans’ freedom. We will take it back. #gopcodered #hellno 
Rep. John Boehner, OH.

SenArlenSpecter  At long last, health care reform is law. Well done, Mr. President. 
Sen. Arlen Specter, PA.

KendrickMeek  And there it is. A presidential signature at a historic moment. #hcr 
Rep. Kendrick Meek, FL.

JimDeMint  I introduced the bill to fully repeal ObamaCare today with 12 Republicans. 
Sen. Jim DeMint, SC.

johnthune  I was on CNN’s Campbell Brown last night to discuss repealing and replacing the health care bill that passed on Sunday. 
Sen. John Thune, SD.

RepHankJohnson  By 9 percentage points, more Americans support the health care reform we passed on Sunday. I was at the White… 
Rep. Hank Johnson, GA.

CongJoeWilson  16,500 IRS agents will be hired to enforce the takeover of HC. Not exactly the kind of job creation we hoped for.
Rep. Joe Wilson, SC.

CongJoeWilson  N. Pelosi ignored the will of the American ppl-I will NOT let this stand. Will you help me raise 50K in 50 hrs?RT
Rep. Joe Wilson, SC.

RandyNeugebauer  When did it become wrong to speak out for the unborn, the group that has no voice unless we stand up for their rights? 
Rep. Randy Neugebauer, TX.

CongJeffMiller  “Fire Nancy Pelosi! America is the last great hope for man on this earth.” Sean Hannity at dinner tonight. 
Rep. Jeff Miller, FL.

SenBobCorker Alleged Dolly Parton interview criticizing Corker never took place, original story now an expired link 
Sen. Bob Corker, TN.

RepSteveIsrael  Reload? @SarahPalinUSA Is your choice of words inciteful or ignorant? 
Rep. Steve Israel, NY.

  I will not support any of these amendments that are just masquerading as serious substance.They are only procedural land mines to hc reform 
Sen. Claire McCaskill, MO.

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