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The Blogger Beat: In Bug’s Drawers

This week, vintage-clothes queen Lora Reuther gives us a closet spruce for spring and summer.

Lora Reuther sporting one of her neat hats. Photograph by Chris Leaman

First things first: Lora Reuther’s boyfriend, Josh Suprenant, calls her “Bug.” So that explains one part of her fashion blog’s title, In Bug’s Drawers. But the rest? “I’m taking you into Bug’s Drawers—take that as you may,” says Reuther.

She started the blog last June, a few months after being laid off from her job. After a bit of prodding, she got Suprenant on board as resident photographer, and together the pair do fashion shoots, of sorts, at locations throughout Washington. The model? That’s Reuther, of course, who usually dons her best vintage-inspired outfits.

“Growing up, I was obsessed with the fashion I saw on The Monkees, Gidget, I Dream of Genie, and The Dick Van Dyke Show,” she says. “It wasn’t until I got older that I realized I could wear clothes like that.”

Reuther took a break from her never-ending quest for the perfect vintage garb to answer our questions about style in Washington. Best vintage store? Closet basics? Creative accessories? Read on for her answers.

Five words to describe your style:
“I’ve been asked this before, and I always think of too many; my style is always changing. So probably at this moment: playful, indecisive, vibrant, whimsical, vintage.”

Five words to describe style in Washington:
“Some diamonds, lots of rough.”

Favorite fashion icon:
“British designer Mary Quant. I love her designs, and she played a big part in allowing small designers to become trendsetters. I’ve always dreamed of owning one of her cute mod dresses. In her heyday, she was so innovative; many believe that she invented the miniskirt.”

Number of items in your closet:
“Close to 500? My boyfriend has a teensy little corner with a few T-shirts. It takes a lot of shopping to support a blog habit.”

Where you get fashion inspiration:

“I don’t really read any print magazines, but I do look at a lot of blogs and online magazines. Lula Magazine is my favorite.”

Total cost of the outfit you’re wearing right now—including shoes:
“$85, but I got the shoes for free from my mommy!”

Three basics every woman should have in her closet:
“Pencil skirt, stylin’ hat, spectator shoes. This may seem odd to some, but I’ve found these three pieces can bring spirit to any boring outfit on any given day. Oh, and also a good pair of drawers!”

A creative way to accessorize an outfit:

“I love pairing a modern-looking outfit with a few vintage pieces. Vintage brooches are awesome for this—you can put them on hats, cluster them together on a sweater, or use them to pin together a scarf. I also have a growing collection of vintage hats, and I throw them on all the time.”

Summer fashion trend you’re most excited about:
“Bows and ruffles. They’ve been in style for a bit, but I can’t get enough! Also, cat-eye glasses are amazing, and they’re coming back. My ’60s obsession continues to show.”

Biggest fashion pet peeve:

“Brand names on anything. Do we really need to know that your jacket—and everyone else’s—is from the North Face or that your bag is from Coach?”

One piece of advice for the fashionably inept:

“Don’t wear what everyone else is wearing. Invent your own style. It’s like dancing—just wear what feels good.”

Favorite boutique for a splurge and where you go for a bargain:
“For a splurge I love Nana on U Street, Northwest. The style is so in line with mine that it’s a little absurd. For bargains, I love consignment stores. My local spot is Current Boutique in Arlington, and I recently discovered Second Time Around in Georgetown.”

Favorite place to shop for vintage pieces:
Eclectic Threads in Clarendon. They’re out-of-the-way, never crowded, and always a bargain. Too many vintage shops alter their pieces for modern appeal, but Eclectic keeps them just as perfect as they’ve always been. I constantly find amazing pieces buried under other amazing pieces.”

The most money you’ve ever spent on an article of clothing:

“Probably around $200 for a dress. This is my version of a splurge. I’m definitely more of a bargain hunter.”

Finish this sentence: “I never leave home without my . . .”
“ . . . hat. I love hats!”

Fashion era or past trend you hope makes a resurgence:

“The ’60s, obviously, although we’re kind of in the midst of one at the moment. *Sigh* Dreamy Peter Pan collars, head scarves, and crazy gigantic hats.”

Favorite local fashion blog besides your own:
“If I had to pick just one, I’d have to go with District of Chic. Her fashion is solid, and her blog is nicely put together.”

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