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The Real Housewives Are Coming—Finally

Put on your high heels and sharpen your claws; Bravo's DC edition of the popular show may ready to roll out at last.

When Michaele and Tareq Salahi came just a little too close to last week's state dinner for Mexican President Felipe Calderone, their swing by the White House mostly read as hubris—or an addiction to risk-taking. Turns out, it may have just been a case of great publicity instincts. Washingtonian's been tipped that a significant announcement involving Catherine Ashley Ommanney, a photojournalist's wife, interior designer, and soon-to-be memoirist widely rumored to be part of the Real Housewives of DC cast is imminent. We couldn't get absolute confirmation that said announcement will be the air dates and cast for the latest installment in Bravo's popular franchise. But for those of you eagerly awaiting the show's arrival, there's now good reason to hope.

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