Cheap Eats 2010: Michael’s Noodles

100 places that offer great food at low prices.

Why go: As the name hints, the house-made noodles and soups at this bustling restaurant are top-notch. But the kitchen also deftly handles Taiwanese, Szechuan, and dim sum on a 270-item menu.

What to get: Dumplings, such as red-oil-soaked Szechuan wontons, fat potstickers, and tender pork buns; dan dan noodles sauced with chili, garlic, and dried pork; slow-roasted beef noodle soup; Chinese-style hot-and-sour soup thickened with duck blood; salt-and-chili pork chop.

Best for: Meals around a lazy Susan; explorers of Chinese cuisines; carryout.

Insider tip: If you have trouble deciding what to order, ask the manager or owner for suggestions.

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