Cheap Eats 2010: Rose Restaurant

100 places that offer great food at low prices.

Why go: This family-run Persian dining room with gold-threaded tablecloths and pictures of Tehran landmarks goes beyond the usual kebab lineup—although the skewered meats rank among the area’s best. Also good are the complex, richly layered stews.

What to get: Warm, perfectly spiced eggplant dip called kashk-o bademjan; kebabs, charred but tender, of bone-in chicken, lamb, or filet mignon; rice studded with barberries; gheymeh, a stew of tomato, lentils, and beef.

Best for: Generous, comforting dinners likely to supply you with leftovers.

Insider tip: The kitchen frequently runs out of dishes, so call ahead if you have your heart set on something.

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