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TweetBeat: UV Rays Edition

This week in the congressional Twitterverse: tanning taxes, baseball, and Skype

The health-care bill’s first tax, which targets tanning salons, started yesterday. Congressional Republicans are burning with indignation, and Republican senators John Barrasso and Tom Coburn, from @SenateDoctors, are using an Alabama tanning-salon owner to champion their cause. Doctors upset about reduced UV-ray exposure? Hmm . . .

In other congressional Twitterverse news, Dems gloat about their congressional baseball victory Tuesday night, members shamelessly ask for campaign contributions, Skype is controversial, and drama follows the House vote on financial-regulation reform.

DennyRehberg No level of SPF will protect Montana’s tanning businesses & consumers from getting burned by healthcare’s first tax – which starts tomorrow.
Rep. Denny Rehberg, Montana

Senate_GOPS The 1st ObamaCare tax starts today—WSJ: Federal Tan Tax Burns Some Badly but Keeps Everybody in the Dark 

Senate_GOPS RT @SenateDoctors: Alabama tanning salon owner on new tanning tax: “It will hit a lot of people” #hcr

HouseDemocrats Boccieri hits ball hard to right fld, dropped by R. Yes. . .Rs dropped the ball and Dems scored. . . FOR AMERICA! Ds up 4-1!

jahimes Fin reg just passed in House! Even drew a few GOP votes! time for Senate to act. They do that from time to time.
Rep. Jim Himes, Connecticut

CongJoeWilson Failing to tackle Fannie and Freddie in an overhaul bill is like going in for surgery and still keeping the giant tumor in place.
Rep. Joe Wilson, South Carolina

RoyBlunt An important fundraising deadline is fast approaching. Will you donate $20.10 to our campaign before midnight?
Rep. Roy Blunt, Missouri

cathymcmorris RT @politico GOP Wants to Use Skype for Congress (@MicheleBachmann @ChiefDeputyWhip) #techgop
Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Washington

RepLynnJenkins RT @USASpeakingOut: Should Speaker Pelosi continue to block the use of Skype in the US House? Keep #speakingout:
Rep. Lynn Jenkins, Kansas

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