Great New Restaurants 2010: DaMoim

25 places that are making the Washington dining scene better than ever

Kimchee quesadillas? It sounds like bad fusion, but owners Jae and Kristine Lee are proving skeptics wrong—among them, the old guard of Annandale’s Koreatown. Panchan, the lip-smacking snacks that precede a Korean meal, are nowhere to be found in this bistro; trendy small plates take their place. That can mean a braised short rib with carrots, chestnuts, and pearl onions or pieces of free-range, cooked-to-order chicken dusted with red pepper and fried to a crisp. As for those kimchee quesadillas? A seamless, inevitable marriage. Just like this unexpected newcomer.

Don’t miss: Kimchee chili; Korean tacos; house-made mandu (Korean dumplings), veggie or meat.

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