Great New Restaurants 2010: Hollywood East Cafe

25 places that are making the Washington dining scene better than ever

Now that this dim sum house has reopened in a new location, fans of Chinese dumplings and small plates—available to order during the week, from rolling carts on weekends—can once again tuck into the area’s best pork buns, shu mai, and stuffed eggplant. And dim sum isn’t all: Entrées on the main menu, such as addictive honey-walnut shrimp and elegant steamed lingfish with ginger, show off the kitchen’s versatility. Despite its mall location, personality peeks out from the red walls, golden dragons, and windows opening into the mall, where there’s more seating.

Don’t miss: Fried shrimp with pepper; shrimp-and-snow-pea triangles; roast-pork-filled sesame pastries; shark-fin dumplings; chicken casserole with Chinese mushrooms; carrot buns.

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