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Tweet Beat: Allusion Edition

Lawmakers channel pop culture and head out on law enforcement raids

Has anything you’ve ever seen or heard in real life reminded you of something you heard in a song? Saw in a movie? Read in a book? The congressional Twitterverse was abuzz with allusionary déjà vu this week, with members of Congress making plenty of pop-culture references—even unintentional ones. John Shimkus tries to heed Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Tom Price gets down with Run DMC and Aerosmith (or Mel Brooks). And Mike Coffman shares some breaking news from the Revolutionary War.

Rep. Jeff Miller: @CongJeffMiller Politico: as many as 99 Dem House seats in play!/CongJeffMiller/status/27838824630
So the Dems have got 99 problems?

Rep. Tom Price: @RepTomPrice We must ‘walk the walk’ and decrease federal spending at the federal level!/RepTomPrice/status/27839769919
Walk this way? Or this way?

Sen. candidate Roy Blunt: @RoyBlunt Stopped by to say hello to Missouri Farm Bureau Resolutions Committee. On the road again.!/RoyBlunt/status/27843120948
On the road again . . . he just couldn’t wait to get on the road again.

Sen. Orrin Hatch: @OrrinHatch Just had a former Reagan staffer remind me of traveling to Arkansas to help Reagan campaign. He won that state! Brings back great memories!/OrrinHatch/status/27851349230
Whoa. You mean to tell me you remember a Republican candidate winning a state in the South?

Rep. Lamar Smith: @LamarSmithTX21 Just visited the new facebook facility in Austin. Shows that Texas’ economic environment is drawing job creators. Fed govt should take note.!/LamarSmithTX21/status/27865529051
Also showing that Austin is the only place in Texas social networkers feel comfortable settling down.

Rep. John Carter: @JudgeCarter I am getting close to releasing a report on our southern border that will demand and lay out a plan to stop this madness.!/JudgeCarter/status/27863806461
I am getting close to having a reaction to this reported madness.

Rep. Mike Coffman: @RepMikeCoffman Today in 1781: Cornwallis surrenders at Yorktown. Tour the capitol, see the Trumbull painting:!/RepMikeCoffman/status/27871282261
Thanks for the heads up on that, Congressman.

Rep. Gregg Harper: @GreggHarper I’m on my way to Jefferson Davis County to meet with local officials about the GOP plan to create jobs, reduce spending and reform Congress.!/GreggHarper/status/27928311942
Something about visiting Jefferson Davis (county) to discuss congressional reform seems a bit fishy to me.

Sen. Harry Reid: @HarryReid @HarryReid speaking to hundreds of Nevadans at UNR. About to introduce the Vice President. #nvsen!/HarryReid/status/27952199604
Tweeting at yourself is a surefire way to destroy the space-time continuum. Did you learn nothing from the Jennifer McFly incident of 2015?

Sen. John Kerry: @JohnKerry In CA with Barbara Boxer, she’s a fighter, I love her.!/JohnKerry/status/27959899880
Boxer . . . fighter? Look who made a funny!

Rep. John Shimkus: @RepShimkus Speak to Nurse Anesthesia Students. At SIUE!/RepShimkus/status/27962626836
Is that a command? Teach your children well?

Sen. Daniel Inouye: @Daniel_Inouye Senator Inouye is preparing to speak to the Healthcare Association of Hawaii at the Hawaii Prince Hotel.!/Daniel_Inouye/status/27965063019
(Posted 12 minutes later)@Daniel_Inouye Senator Inouye is having lunch @Zippys on King Street.!/Daniel_Inouye/status/27965909523
Well, there go my hopes for a rousing speech.

And now, a first-person tale of law enforcement in three tweets from Utah representative Jason Chaffetz.

@jasoninthehouse Headed out with US Marshals tonight in Utah. Will let you know how it goes!/jasoninthehouse/status/27982911164
@jasoninthehouse Sweet. Arrested the first fugitive of the night.!/jasoninthehouse/status/27985782908
@jasoninthehouse Sweet guy babysitting a 9 year old. Needles and pills in his pockets!/jasoninthehouse/status/27986134006

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