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Tweet Beat: Dystopian Action Movie Edition

In the last days of the August heat, lawmakers get lost in America while they’re home on recess

We’ve got a ghost economy, doppelgängers, domestic enemies in the Senate, and economically indebted unborn citizens! Mary Fallin tries to hock her campaign signs on an unsuspecting public. Jim Matheson channels his inner Mad Man. Richard Burr tries to convince kids he’s hip. And Jared Polis beats up on the home team. Welcome to Tweet Beat!

Rep. John Boehner: GOPLeader @bostonherald editorial: time to kill Fannie, Freddie

To everything (turn, turn, turn), there is a season (turn, turn, turn).

Rep. Jim Himes: jahimes Went door to door in Stamford this morning. Met some great people. Hope I didn’t lose the vote of nice lady who came to door in bathrobe.

Nope, but screaming at her might have done the trick.

Rep. Mary Fallin: MaryFallin Need a yard sign? Fill out our form and we’ll deliver to you as quickly as we can. #okgov #okelections

Madam, just because some of us might need yard signs does not mean you should presume we need your yard signs.

Former Rep. and current gubernatorial candidate Neil Abercrombie: neilabercrombie Okay! Neil Abercrombie’s Summer Jam is on! Neal Blaisdell Exhibition Hall. #afg2010

All right! You grab the SPF 1,500 and I’ll grab my copy of Robert’s Rules of Order!

Rep. John Boehner: johnboehner John Stossel asks “Where are the new jobs?” Says economy “is haunted by uncertainty on a hundred fronts”

(Whiny voice) Give me a break.

Rep. Jim Matheson RepJimMatheson Headed out to Draper this afternoon for a trail update, business visit at Guadalahonkey’s restaurant. #utpol

Whoa! When did Don Draper become his own verb? And why didn’t anybody tell me!?

Rep. Glenn Thompson: CongressmanGT Touring the Philipsburg Rod & Gun Club this afternoon to discuss concerns & issues.

And what of our concerns over the issue of you touring a gun club on a Wednesday afternoon?

Sen. Harry Reid: HarryReid Reid to Angle: If you think there are “domestic enemies” in the Senate, start naming names #nvsen

Washingtonian to Angle: He triple-dog dares you!

Senate candidate Kendrick Meek: KendrickMeek Show your support by changing your profile pic to this: #RealDem #Vote2010 #FLSen

Last week, candidate Meek convinced us of #FakeDems in our midst. This week, he wants doppelgängers?

Sen. Jim DeMint: JimDeMint Even the author of Obamacare hasn’t read Obamacare

To busy writing to read, I guess. Kind of like an economic ouroboros.

Rep. Paul Ryan: reppaulryan 2023: On child born today’s 13th bday, debt burden will have doubled, per capita debt > per capita GDP. @gopconference

Ooh . . . it’s like “Gattaca” meets Adam Smith’s “The Wealth of Nations.”

Rep. Jared Polis: jaredpolis en route to Rockies game, we’re already down 7-0 b4 I even get there

O ye of little faith. (Author’s note: The Rockies won 12-10.)

Senate candidate Richard Burr: burrforsenate For all students heading back 2 school, load up on Burr bumper stickers w/ your school colors #ncsen

(The sound of crickets.)

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