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Tweet Beat: For the Love of the Race Edition

Lame-duck squabbles, Jersey Shore connections, and the Swamp Shark

It seems that above everything else, politicians love to run for things. So it’s easy to see why the current lame-duck Congress yielded a slew of mini-election tweets this week as members of Congress ran for different leadership positions. The only major changes ended up being job titles. But even with the election hullabaloo, Congress still managed to turn out some hilarious tweets. John McCain celebrated the queen of GTL, Paul Ryan inferred that Congress is high, and Kirsten Gillibrand showed the public photos from her trip to exotic locales such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

Senator John McCain: @SenJohnMcCain Happy birthday @Sn00ki

(Stunned speechless.)

Representative Tim Ryan: @timryan They say pictures speak louder than words. #JustSaying

Interesting point, but what’s the deal with you people and charts?

Representative Charlie Rangel: @cbrangel #Rangel Deplores Ethics Committee Findings–Committee Chief Counsel’s FInds No Evidence of Corruption

Of course you do, Congressman. You lost!

Representative Charlie Rangel: @cbrangel The final decision on sanctions will be made by the full House. It would be inappropriate for me to comment regarding this matter.

Wait. . . so that above tweet about deploring the Ethics Committee’s finding wasn’t a comment? Or is it that all of your future comments will be inappropriate?

Rep. Paul Ryan: @RepPaulRyan @TomCoburn got it right: earmarks are gateway drug for big spending–

That may be, but I somehow doubt your average citizen has ever woken up after a bender with $13 billion in pizza sitting on his coffee table.

Senator John Cornyn: @JohnCornyn 90% of Americans live in earmark donor states

The remaining 10 percent reside in Narnia.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand: @SenGillibrand
Had a productive trip to #Afghanistan & #Pakistan last wk. You can view pictures of the trip here:

It’s a bummer you couldn’t have all of Twitter over to your house for the very-awkward-in-person slide show.

Representative Thaddeus McCotter: @ThadMcCotter The only thing #swampshark will ever win is an Emmy! / RT @McCloud_54: If you drink regular #swampshark wins

And so it was that Thad McCotter continued the legend of Swamp Shark.

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