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Tweet Beat: Numbers Edition

Lawmakers round up the year in deficits, NORAD, and photo ops

Members of Congress often toss out figures as a way to make a point: The deficit is x, the savings would be y, it requires z number of troops. But this week, numbers are flooding Twitter: the years NORAD has been tracking Santa Claus, the amount of Americans who don’t support net-neutrality legislation, the dollars “the other guys” wasted. In addition to those tweets, John Boehner welcomes iPads to the House chamber, Don Manzullo insists he’s a huge deal in Korea, and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen gets her picture taken . . . a lot.

House Majority Leader John Boehner: @GOPLeader RT @nytimes G.O.P. to Open House to Electronic Devices

And we thought they didn’t get much done before. Just wait until Angry Birds is readily available on the House floor.

Representative Don Manzullo: @donmanzullo Korea’s largest daily newspaper profiles my selection as chair of Asia-Pacific subcommittee.

The congressman is so hot in Korea right now. They talk about him constantly.

Representative Chris Lee: @chrislee_ny26 Wonder why NORAD started tracking Santa more than 50 yrs ago? Check out the history behind it at (h/t @mikeallen)

I always thought it was because anything traveling that fast gets mistaken for a ballistic missile.

Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen: @RosLehtinen Always glad to give interviews for Princeton school newspaper!

And to keep constituents happy, it seems.

Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen: @RosLehtinen Pleased 2 b w/Bader/Kaplan fmly in my Miami Cong office. Young lady heading off to college soon!

Uh-oh. Seems like someone’s getting a little photo-op happy.

Representative Glenn Thompson: @CongressmanGT With Clinton Cnty owner of 43 yr business to discuss how big gov hurts #business & Obamacare would kill it. No business=No jobs #tcot #rs

Food for thought, Congressman: Over the last 43 years, the United States experienced efforts both to grow and to shrink the size of government.

Representative Mary Bono Mack: @MaryBonoMack Only 21% of Americans want the FCC to regulate the internet. A majority believe that #net neutrality will promote a political agenda. . . .

Over the remaining 79 percent, how many actually grasp what net neutrality means?

Representative John Shimkus: @RepShimkus 111th Congress added $3.22T to the debt. That’s 3-times more than the last GOP majority (109th Congress added $1.05T)

I’ve got to confess, I’ve never really like the whole approach of “Well, we were bad, but they were worse!”

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