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Tweet Beat: SOTU-and-Snow Edition

Lawmakers tweet their dates for the big speech, and David Gregory looks for a sledding partner

Between President Obama’s biggest speech of the year and one of the more disruptive snowstorms in recent memory, this week was a busy one for Washingtonian Twitter accounts. Many congressional tweeters had fun with the bipartisan, speed-dating-esque seating arrangements at Tuesday’s State of the Union address, and almost every member had something to say about the speech itself. But before anyone could begin to “win the future,” Wednesday evening’s “thundersnow” left tens of thousands without power and snarled traffic so badly that even Obama’s motorcade couldn’t make it through. Below are some of the week’s most amusing tweets from the halls of Congress and beyond.

Senator Claire McCaskill: @clairemc Glad that seat mate for tonight is new R Sen Jerry Moran from KS.He’s also KU grad.The D v R thing is probably easier than Tiger v Jayhawk.

We’ll hand it to these senators for simultaneously reaching across the aisle and the Big 12.

Representative Jason Chaffetz: @jasoninthehouse So I don’t have a date to SOTU. Oh, how it is to be the ugly conservative. I see Rep. Issa is “going with” Rep. Towns. Towns was choice 1

Further proof that Congress is just like high school, only with nicer desks.

Representative Keith Ellison: @keithellison BHO has entered the Building!

So if senators Kirsten Gillibrand and John Thune were SOTU Prom’s unofficial king and queen, what does that make Obama? School principal?

Representative Rob Wittman: @RobWittman I posted 5 photos on Facebook in the album “State of the Union January 25, 2011

Remember the days when Facebook albums were just another way for college kids to harm their chances of future employment?

Representative Ted Poe: @JudgeTedPoe Sitting next to Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA) at SOTU, but it doesn’t matter where I sit. It matters where I stand.

Looks like Jason Chaffetz wasn’t the only one who had a hard time finding a date.

Representative John Carter: @JudgeCarter Should take about 30 minutes to make it thru the crowd and back to the office but maybe longer (@JudgeCarter live at

Not even the House floor was safe from traffic woes this week.

Rich Amons: @RichAmons Playing a game”’when will the power come back on” in Mclean? Before or after @ebongeka plows our driveway?

Knowing Pepco, we’d vote for long, long after. And as a side note, this is further proof it should have been “The Real Househusbands of D.C.”

Howard Kurtz: @HowardKurtz Still have lights but cable pundits keep flickering off. Hmm. . .maybe not so bad.

That’s a power outage that we wouldn’t mind.

David Gregory: @davidgregory @RussertXM_NBC sledding tomorrow?

Connecticut Avenue does have a decent vertical drop.

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