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Tweet Beat: Unrest and Teen Crushes Edition

A senator heads into Middle East unrest, and a Real Housewife contemplates Justin Bieber

It was another tense week in the Middle East, as Libya’s leader Muammar el-Qaddafi dissed his angry citizens and more countries (it’s hard to keep up) jumped on the protesting bandwagon. But high tensions spread over here in the U.S., where Wisconsin’s union workers are still fired up after the Assembly voted to curb collective bargaining. Oh, and Democrats and Republicans continued to disagree. Sheesh. Who else is ready for the Oscars weekend?

Arizona Senator John McCain: @SenJohnMcCain On my way to the Middle East—interesting times.

That’s the understatement of the year.

Representative Nancy Pelosi: @nancypelosi Thrilled @TheJusticeDept is no longer defending an indefensible statute—all American families should be treated equally! #DOMA

One point for Democrats!

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch: @OrrinHatch Quite upset with President’s decision not to defend DOMA. Deeply disturbing to see politics distort the Department of Justice.#tcot

Zero for Republicans.

Representative Jim Himes: @jahimes Late last night, while waiting for votes on floor, watched Social Network. Worth seeing for its portrayal of Larry Summers alone.

We’re glad our leaders have caught up on the 2011 Oscar nominees. Priorities first!

DC Housewife Catherine Ommanney: @catommanney Thankfully Jade didn’t need the $65k bday party (RHWBH) and we had a lovely lunch, just the two of us. Ruby however is OBSESSED with Justin Beiber, and I mean OBSESSED! I have to see if anyone has a connection there?? #screamingfan!!

Apparently Ruby doesn’t have a problem with the Bieb’s new hairdo, unlike the 80,000 Twitter followers he lost in the aftermath.

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley: @GovernorOMalley Fact check confirms: Americans do spend more money on potato chips than we invest in energy R & D

Okay, that’s just sad. But have you tried Lay’s new Tangy Carolina BBQ chips? Yum.

DC Housewife Mary Amons: @maryamons Was that a dream that I was at a girls pj party in NYC emailing w/ my teen beat heartthrob? No. It happened. @christopheratkins #bluelagoon

Christopher Atkins, really? Well, unlike most teeny boppers today, at least he has talent.

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