Top Chef All Stars: Give Us Your Opinion

We need your opinion on the unusual outcome of last night's episode of Top Chef: All Stars. Caution: Spoilers ahead!

We started to get a little suspicious about where last night’s episode of Top Chef: All-Stars was headed when, seated around the dining table with family members of all the contestants, the judges apparently couldn’t find anything to critique about anyone’s dish. Gail loved Carla’s grits. Tom raved that Tiffany had done the impossible and prepared okra that he actually enjoyed. Mike teared up when presenting the gnocchi he made using his grandma’s recipe. It was a love fest all around. And sure enough, when it was elimination time, the judges decided they just couldn’t bear to send anyone home. All five remaining chefs are now headed to the Bahamas for the final round.

But come on, this is a competition. If all you have to do is bring your mom to dinner to keep yourself from going home, what’s the fun in that? We found the whole thing pretty lame. What do you think? Should the judges have sent someone packing? Let us know in our poll. And tell us in the comments which contestant the chefs should have sent packing.

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