Jamie Oliver on Lunch and David Chang on the iPad: Eating & Reading

Every week, we'll let you know what the Washingtonian food staff is reading in the blogosphere and off the bookshelves.

Sophie Gilbert, assistant editor and Sophie at the Stove blogger:

• New Bon Appétit editor-in-chief (although we prefer to think of him as former Washingtonian intern) Adam Rapoport is preparing to debut his first issue of the magazine, which Fishbowl NY has a sneak peek at: First Bon Appétit Under Adam Rapoport is set to debut.

• A Chicago public school has banned students from bringing in packed lunches, citing health reasons. Scroll down to the bottom for some hilariously earnest (rather than honest) quotes from students: School's Food Is the Only Option For Some Kids.

• While we're on the subject of school, the Wall Street Journal takes an in-depth look at celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's battle to transform school lunches in Los Angeles: Inside Jamie Oliver's Food Fight With L.A.

• Ham in Coca Cola? Pimms Eton Mess? Why brand names are becoming increasingly popular in chefs' recipes: From Bland to Brand.

• Slate's Noreen Malone pokes fun at the journalistic reverence (and repetition) inspired by Ferran Adría and his soon-to-close Spanish restaurant, El Bulli: Bulli For You.

Anna Spiegel, dining intern:

• In chain-shame news this week: Burger King unveiled the new 1,160-calorie  "Meat Monster" in Japan (because natural-disaster victims need cardiac disease as a distraction): Here's the Real Whopper. And Eater discovers that Olive Garden's Culinary Institute of Tuscany isn't teaching chefs "unlimited breadsticks" in Italian: Olive Garden Actually Has a Tuscan Cooking School, Kind Of.

• I'm fond of this New York Times piece as a food writer often in search of a topic. It's freeing. Barry shows that you don't always have to break news or delve into a lengthy, multifaceted investigation to have an interesting story: Dust Is Gone Above the Bar, But a Legend Still Dangles.

• Scientists go bananas: Is This the Poster Food for a Radiation Menace?

Kate Nerenberg, assistant food and wine editor:

• Zagat and the National Restaurant Association polled lots of restaurant employees to find out their salaries, job perks, and biggest complaints: Who Makes What? A Look at Restaurant Salaries.

Bon Appétit got a first look at a chef's foray into cutting-edge technology: A Peek at David Chang's "Lucky Peach" iPad App.

• Five-finger—er, 28-claw—discount: Police: Woman Stole 14 Live Lobsters From NH Market Basket.

Ann Limpert, food and wine editor:

• Calling all burned-out office drones: So You Want to Start a Food Truck?

• Sweet-potato potstickers, lemon-ricotta blintzes, curry pierogies . . . it's dumpling week at Food 52!: Your Best Dumplings.

Todd Kliman, food and wine editor: 

• If you're going to a Seder next week, or have ever been to a seder, this is a smart read—whatever your politics.

• This is the kind of thing Slate trades on — identify a sub-genre we only dimly knew was there (the IAAEBP), and turn the light on full blast.

"Water is increasingly the beverage of choice for consumers dining out." Waiters (and owners) aren't going to be happy, but it's the best, most efficient way of beating the system at a restaurant. And water, unlike wine or cocktails, goes with everything. 

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