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Personal Trainers in Washington: Running Coaches

Go further, faster

George Buckheit

A two-time All-American, he has coached two Marine Corps Marathon champions and three qualifiers to the US Olympic marathon trials.

"Don't make the mistake of thinking that you have to go out and run hard every day. Two or three hard workouts per week—each followed by at least one easy day—is the way to improve your running."

Buckheit coaches the Capital Area Runners club. Group training, weekdays in Arlington and weekends in Northwest DC, is $75 a month, $175 for three months $300 for six.

Matt Centrowitz

He ran in the 1976 Olympics and qualified in 1980, when the US team boycotted the games. A gold-medal winner at the 1979 Pan-American Games, Centrowitz coaches the New Balance Pacers Racing Team and American University's cross-country and track teams.

"Progression is an important principle. Make steady changes in your training by slowly increasing your mileage and then gradually work into interval-training sessions."

Centrowitz offers group training twice a week at American University.

Scott Raczko

National Youth Coach of the Year in 2001, he has coached American record holder Alan Webb and national champion Nikeya Green.

"You should vary your training by running different distances, terrains, and paces. It will enhance your overall performance, make you a stronger runner, and help prevent boredom."

Raczko offers individual consultations for $75 to $100 an hour; prices for group sessions and four months of training vary. He also does online training.

Terry Weir

Weir is an assistant coach at American University and a former professional runner. He has coached 24 Virginia high-school state champions and five national high-school champions.

"Don't try too much too fast. Take a step back and make it a little more fun. Hopefully through training, as your fitness gets better, you will stay consistent. Consistency is the name of the game."

Weir offers one-on-one training sessions for $50 an hour or online coaching for $75 a month.

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