Cheap Eats 2011: Zorba’s Cafe

This counter-service cafe off Dupont Circle, with grinning headshots of Anthony Quinn on the walls, has been a Greek standby for 27 years. It’s as suited to a quick workday lunch as to a leisurely Sunday meal on the patio.

If you’re after something quick, the excellent pork souvlaki wrapped with feta in warm, soft pita is the way to go–it’s one of our favorite sandwiches in the area. Or settle in and graze on rich, garlicky skordalia dip, stuffed grape leaves, and hummus. Keftedes, long meatballs, pair well with the yogurt-based tzatziki. Yogurt also makes a worthy appearance at dessert, thick and dressed with walnuts and honey.

Also good: Taramasalata; chickpea salad; gyro.

Open daily for lunch and dinner.

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