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The November Issue of The Washingtonian Hits Newsstands Today

The “Great Places to Work” issue is jam-packed with great features.

The November issue of The Washingtonian will start hitting newsstands in the area today, and subscribers should see the issue pop up in the mail this weekend.

In addition to our Great Places to Work cover story—one of the companies we highlight has a ball pit for its employees to play in—we have photos of seven fantastic Washington-area offices; Tim Zimmerman wonders if Washington-area traffic will ever get better; and Hannah Seligson asks if twentysomethings are expecting too much from their jobs. Melissa Romero has been testing ergonomic office chairs all month to find the ones that won’t leave you sore, and Kim Forrest highlights men’s and women’s office bags that are both chic and worth the price.

Our reporters sat down with fascinating locals to collect stories of important career firsts: the first time swallowing a sword, the first time marrying a same-sex couple, the first time a doctor had to tell a mother her child had died, and many more.

In our food and drink section, you’ll find reviews of the much-discussed Rouge 24 and America Eats Tavern. Chefs share their offbeat Thanksgiving traditions (we bet you never thought deep-fried turtles would be served alongside turkey), and we tell you how to choose a great bottle of wine for your holiday meal without spending more than $25.

We also bring you a comprehensive neighborhood guide for Arlington, which includes where you should eat, where you should drink, and some great condos that combine the convenience of a city with the privacy of a suburb.

Pick it up on newsstands today. Don’t want to miss the next issue? Subscribe here.