Little Serow Is Now Open Below Komi

It's walk-ins only at chef Johnny Monis's new restaurant.

Johnny Monis’s intriguing new Thai restaurant is now open for business. Photograph by Matthew Worden.

Thanks to its semi-secret soft opening, there’s been some confusion surrounding the official opening date of Little Serow, the buzzy new restaurant concept below Komi on 17th Street, Northwest. But according to chef Johnny Monis (he and his wife, Anne Marler, co-own both restaurants), “We opened on Wednesday, November 2coincidentally, Komi’s eighth birthday.”

As Metrocurean reported last week, Little Serow serves traditional dishes from the Isaan region of Thailand, where, Monis says, “It’s customary to have more dishes on the table than people around it, and everything is shared.” Monis says the region’s cuisine appeals to him because “the flavor profile is one I absolutely loveit leans toward the spicy and sour (rather than sweet) and incorporates lots of fresh herbs.”

The $45 menu will change weekly at Little Serow; Monis said it will be posted each week on the restaurant’s Web site. Doors open at 5:30 PM Tuesday through Saturday, and it’s first come, first served. If Little Serow is full, you can go have a few stiff drinks down the street at Trio while you wait; the restaurant will take your number and text you when seats are available.