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Redskins Fall in OT to Dallas

If only moral victories counted in the standings.

As promised last week, we are running cute puppy photos until the ‘Skins win again. Here’s is reader Stacey Viera’s pooch, Tchotchke. Photo by Stacey Viera

Whether your hopes were buoyed by the Redskins’ effort or crushed in defeat, nothing stokes the embers of a dying season quite like Dallas week. Reactions to the Redskins’ latest loss—their sixth in as many games—are varied. In past weeks, the lamentations have been predictable, whereas this week I have heard (and experienced) a wider array of emotions.

Some fans are proud that the Skins came out and played hard, some are angry that they lost a winnable game to a hated rival, and others are merely apathetic. Depending on one’s views of yesterday’s game, any number of headlines could be generated.

Redskins Show Some Fight, Lose Sixth Straight
Yes, the Skins lost again. But unlike weeks past, there are actually quite a few positive notes for fans to focus on as they while away time during this abbreviated work week. For instance, the offense produced touchdowns. Plural! Three of them, to be exact. That’s as many as they had in the four previous games combined. That feat in itself was enough to make the game entertaining.

Not to be outdone, the defense managed to step up with one of their best efforts all season. Not bad for an injury-depleted bunch going up against a rushing attach that has been running roughshod over opponents for weeks. The Redskins held DeMarco Murray to just 2.9 yards per carry (he’d been averaging 8 ypc over the past four weeks), thanks in large part to Perry Riley and DeJon Gomes. The two members of the U-23 crew made the most of of their opportunity to start, combining for 25 tackles.

As nice as it would have been to celebrate a win, there’s something to be said for a “good” loss. The Redskins played with a sense of purpose, and the offense finally displayed some urgency. That made for the first game in weeks that an impartial viewer could correctly describe as “watchable.” That’s something, right?

Redskins Fall to Cowboys, Rest of Season Declared Moot
Is this what it’s come to? Taking moral victories from a home loss against Dallas? If that’s the case, then we may as well just end the season now and start watching the RedZone channel every Sunday. The one way to salvage a crap season is to win this game, but I guess it’s too much to ask for DeAngelo Hall to make a play on third down against the Cowboys.

Wins For Other Teams Improve Washington’s Draft Position
The best thing you can say about the Redskins is, “Thank God they didn’t screw it up by making that kick in overtime.” All a win does for this team is screw them out of the draft pick they’ve worked so hard to earn over the past two months. So let’s give it up for the Dolphins and Seahawks, who don’t have enough sense to lie down and die. If you’re looking for somebody to cheer for next week, look no further than the Panthers, Rams, and Vikings.