Kid-Friendly Workouts: Fit Check

Have fun with these workouts you and your children can do together to stay in shape

Feel like a kid again and get in shape with your family. Photograph courtesy flickr user tsuacctnt

It’s never too early to start teaching kids about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, says Tanya Colucci, personal trainer and founder of Infinity Wellness, an organization that encourages children to keep fit. Parents can lead by example by working out with their children, she says. “Your current workout routine might just get the shakeup you’ve been looking for.”

Summer is the perfect time to do activities with your kids. Get them off the couch and outdoors with these workout ideas recommended by Colucci. Plus, you might actually have fun while exercising. Who knew?

Your kids could probably teach you a thing or two about flexibility. Check out local yoga studios to see if they offer the yoga for children. Yoga Chai in Adams Morgan offers Itsy Bitsy Yoga sessions for newborns through children 8 years old. Visit Yoga Chai’s Web site for more information.

Workout 1: Water Jogging, Sprinting, or Skiing

Using a floatation belt, swim to the deep end. Jog, sprint, or ski together for one minute. Do two to three sets. “Pools provide a great, low-impact way to exercise,” Colucci says. Or, race each other from one end of the pool to the other by jogging.

Workout 2: Water Volleyball or Basketball
Gather a bunch of your child’s friends and parents together for a water volleyball or basketball game in the pool. Special volleyball nets and basketball hoops can be purchased at most big-name department stores like Target and Wal-Mart.

Workout 3: Slip and Slide
If you or a family friend lives on a big hill, build a giant slip and slide out of a plastic sheet or tarp and grab a hose. “Everyone will have fun sliding down the hill and will get a great workout hiking up to the top,” Colucci says.

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Workout 1: Fun Run/Walk
Enter a one-mile fun run and walk or run it together. If you’re planning to run the race, draw up a training schedule with your child at least a month before the race. Try intervals of one to two minutes of jogging and two to three minutes of walking. As your training level increases you can adjust your run/walk ratio. Be sure to start off slow in the beginning.

On race day, Colucci recommends upping the “fun ante.” She says to “show some team spirit by racing in matching bright-colored T-shirts.”

Workout 2: Healthy Hike and Picnic
Go on a day hike with your children and end it with a healthy picnic. There are plenty of local trails that are kid-friendly, including those in Rock Creek Park, Great Falls Park, and the Washington and Old Dominion Trail.

Pre-hike, plan and prepare the perfect post-hike picnic together. For snacks, Colucci recommends fruits, carrots and hummus, and everybody’s favorite, ants on a log (celery with peanut butter and raisins).

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