No Reports of Accidents Day of Hot Chocolate Run

Race organizers said two pre-race accidents caused delays.

Yesterday we reported that the disastrous Hot Chocolate 15K/5K run on Saturday was a result of various auto accidents along the Beltway.

However, after receiving that day’s traffic reports between 7 and 8 AM from WTOP and speaking with the Prince George’s County Police Department, we found that there were actually no auto accidents reported that morning.

In RAM Racing’s apology statement issued yesterday, the owner (who declined to include his or her name) said, “Two pre-race reported traffic accidents stopped all traffic on the inbound highways.”

Traffic updates from WTOP were reported as follows:

7:08 AM: “Trying to get into National Harbor this morning for the Hot Chocolate 15K run is kind of a problem on both sides of the Beltway. Very heavy across the Wilson Bridge. [. . .] Once you get to Saint Barnabas Road you will experience some congestion, as folks are trying to get into the National Harbor through the back way.

7:18 AM: “Local lanes of the Beltway in each direction very heavy this morning, all pointed toward National Harbor. The Hot Chocolate 15K run gets underway at 7:30. [. . .] If you stick with the thru lanes, you won’t get caught up in this delay. Also on 210 on Farmington Road, there was a deer struck. Right lane is blocked there.”

7:38 AM: “Outer of the loop of the Beltway across the Wilson Bridge, delays begin near the split of the thru and local lanes. Most of the volume is in the local lanes trying to access National Harbor and Route 210. There is a 15K run, which got underway at 7:30.”

7:58 AM: “Coming across the Wilson Bridge on the outer loop in the local lanes, delays begin near the split for the thru and local lanes. They’re going to carry you to the exits for 295 and 210. This is all focused on the National Harbor and the Hot Chocolate 15K race, the second leg of which gets underway in just a couple of minutes at 8 AM.”

Prince George’s County Police Department said there were no reports of accidents along 210 or near National Harbor that morning, only a host of callers complaining about the traffic.

Race organizers have not responded for requests for comment.