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A Guide to Morning Sports Talk Radio

The Sports Junkies on 106.7 The Fan, and The Tony Kornheiser Show on ESPN 980-AM help fill the void for those who can't get enough sports talk.

For those who can’t get enough sports talk at home or office, two popular morning-radio shows help fill the void: The Sports Junkies on 106.7 The Fan, and The Tony Kornheiser Show on ESPN 980-AM. Both are on-air boys’ clubs where the guys can opine, whine, and crack jokes about sports, pop culture, life, and each other. The Junks, as they’re known, started in broadcasting with a cable-access show in Bowie. Tony Kornheiser, a former sports columnist for the Washington Post, once was a commentator on Monday Night Football and appears on ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption with good friend Michael Wilbon. Here’s a guide.

The Sports Junkies The Tony Kornheiser Show
WHO THEY ARE J.P. Flaim, Jason Bishop, John Auville, and Eric Bickel

Photograph courtesy of CBS Radio.

Kornheiser and an assortment of sidekicks

Photograph by Richard Greenhouse/ESPN.

ORIGINALLY FROM Prince George’s County Long Island
HOURS ON AIR 5 to 10 am 10 to noon
OPENING LINE “What’s up, everybody?” “All righty then . . .”
STUDIO LOCATION Lanham Rockville
WHO’S THE BOSS? CBS Radio Dan Snyder
ON-AIR JARGON “Bro”; “donk” as a verb and noun “Old guy”; computers are “Google machines”
ON-AIR MUSIC Metal and rock Oldies from the ’60s and ’70s
ON-AIR OBSESSIONS Girls, sex, cocktails Traffic, parking garages, modern technology
PREFERRED SPORTS Football Basketball and baseball
SPORTS HEROES Michael Jordan, Eddie Murray Willie Mays
WOMEN REGULARS None Torie Clarke, Jeanne McManus, Liz Clarke
COOL BUDDIES Chris Cooley, former Maryland governor Bob Ehrlich James Carville, Arch Campbell, Michael Wilbon
CLOSING LINE “We’re outta here.” “If you’re out on your bike tonight, wear white.”