Six Local Nutrition Bloggers to Follow

From tasty recipes to tips on how to lead a healthy life, these Washington-based nutritionists’ blogs are worth a read.

Robyn Webb
Fabulous Food Finds

Why you should read it: Webb has authored eight books on nutrition (with another coming at the end of the year), but her blog, Fabulous Food Finds, puts a lot of emphasis on easy recipes that anyone would enjoy cooking and eating on their own. Each post focuses on a specific product plus a recipe to go along with it; the accompanying photographs, by the blog’s senior editor, Olga Berman of Mango & Tomato, will make your mouth water.

Why she went into nutrition: Webb had dreams of becoming an actress, but at age six she lost her father to heart disease. Her family was filled with “fabulous cooks, but it was the wonderful food that killed my dad,” she says. “I knew there had to be a better way.” By age 12, Webb became the so-called head chef in her home, which led to her 25-year career in nutrition.

Her favorite type of food: “My favorite cuisine is Mediterranean. I visit Europe every year. I love lots of heavy garlic, and if I’m not eating fish, I’m eating beans.”

Favorite local chefs: “I can always find something to eat at chef José Andrés, Robert Wiedmaier, Jeff Tunks, and Michel Richard’s restaurants. Their meals aren’t necessarily slimming, but I admire their culinary expertise.”

Heather Calcote
Dietitian on the Run

Why you should read it: Calcote’s mantra, “LIVE every day—sweat, breathe, love, smile, and relax,” is the focus of her two-year-old blog. A registered dietitian who just moved to DC in August from Denver, Calcote uses her blog to showcase not only good, healthy eats, but also running, yoga, and her life in general.

Who she’s trying to reach: “I think I best relate to people who are categorized as ‘everyday athletes,’” says Calcote, 25. “My knowledge of nutrition is something people are always looking for, especially if they’re trying to train for something. I’m a runner and a dietitian, so I mix these things into the blog.”

Her daytime job: “I’m a wellness coach, so I work with clients to set and accomplish wellness goals.”

Her favorite food these days: “In the winter I use a lot of squash, including butternut and acorn squash. Overall, my boyfriend and I eat a lot of pizza, mostly because when I stopped eating meat, it was easy to make and top with different veggies.”

Danielle Omar
Food Confidence

Why you should read it: Omar will admit she’s not a five-star chef. But with her veggie-friendly recipes she proves anyone can make a tasty, healthy meal with some basic ingredients. “I try to get people excited about cooking,” says the 41-year-old.

On her vegetarian lifestyle: “I became a vegetarian in my early twenties. It was definitely not about health—it was more for the animals. I was traumatized by an HBO special about how animals are treated around the world. I had one of those moments where I decided, ‘If I don’t have to eat animals, then I won’t.’”

Her guilty pleasure: Cheese. “With cheese, you can stop eating it for a while and forget about it. But whenever I go back to it, I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, where have you been?’”

Elana Natker
Sprinkle of Sage

Why you should read it: Natker’s blog is a godsend for new parents. Shortly after becoming a registered dietitian four years ago, Natker had two children. Now, many of her Sprinkle of Sage posts revolve around children’s nutrition, prenatal nutrition, and breastfeeding.

Her blog’s mission: Although Natker’s blog has a focus on child nutrition, she doesn’t limit herself to just those topics. “Sometimes I do food reviews, which are a lot of fun because I love to eat and try new things. I’ll only feature foods I’d feed to myself and my own kids.”

Her favorite food: “I couldn’t live without cereal, natural peanut butter, or ice cream. I’m not going to lie—I have each of those foods pretty much every day.”

Her guilty pleasure: “My daily dose of ice cream. Usually it’s a portion-controlled, low-fat ice cream sandwich.” Before she moved to Dulles, Natker lived in Boulder, Colorado, and would often split a pint of ice cream every weekend with her husband. “I miss that place—but my waistline probably doesn’t!”

Katherine Tallmadge
Personalized Nutrition

Why you should read it: Tallmadge has been in the field of nutrition for 25-plus years, and is president of the DC Metro Area Dietetic Association. She may look and sound familiar because she’s been a regular on national programs like Good Morning America, the Today show, and even The Daily Show. She’s in high demand—a tipoff that her blog is a great resource for tips on losing weight and shedding stress from our lives.

Her favorite food: “Vine-ripe summer tomatoes are number one. I love all fruit, especially if it’s local and in season—Bing cherries, Concord grapes, ripe raspberries, melons. I also enjoy roasted vegetables—eggplant, asparagus, and red peppers.”

Her guilty pleasure: “There are so many, it’s hard. But the top five are French fries, corn tortilla chips, and salsa/guacamole/queso. Also, fresh-baked bread slathered with butter, dark-chocolate-covered caramels, and blondies (big fat ones filled with chocolate chips and nuts). I wish it weren’t so!”

Her favorite local restaurant meals: Tallmadge offered so many choices, but here are just a few of her favorite light yet still delicious meals offered at local restaurants: Tackle Box’s fish tacos, Pizza Paradiso’s Tuscan vegetable salad, and Bangkok Joe’s chicken-lemongrass soup.

Nicole Ferring Holovach
Whole Health RD

Why you should read it: The 31-year-old was so inspired after attending a Food as Medicine conference in 2009 that she realized she wanted to share her passion for whole foods, fitness, and cooking with everyone else. Her posts have evolved to focus on fitness and whole foods, as well as tips for holistic health. Since she launched Whole Health RD, her readership has grown from just family and friends to overseas readers.

Her daytime job: Dietitian at the Food and Drug Administration’s Food and Nutrition Center.

Her favorite local restaurant: Zaytinya. “I’ve loved everything I’ve ordered, and I love José Andrés and his mission and values. With small plates, you can’t go wrong.”

Her guilty pleasure: “I love red wine and cheese.”

Her favorite meals: “One-pot meals. I just tend to throw in everything, including dried beans and vegetables. I make a lot of soups and chili.”

Do you have a favorite nutrition blog that’s based in DC, Maryland, or Virginia? Let us know in the comments.