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The Year’s Top Dishes and Top Desserts

The best of the best food from our 100 Very Best Restaurants List

Top Dishes

Pappardelle with wild-hare ragu Fiola

Cabbage-lentil cakes Rasika

Pastrami sweetbreads CityZen

Blueberry squab the Inn at Little Washington

Whipped Garrotxa cheese with grilled dilly beans and fried ham the Ashby Inn & Restaurant

Shaky beef Four Sisters

Pumpkin soup with brown-sugar/bourbon cream Tallula

Thai peanut soup Minibar

Foie gras “fig newton” Seasonal Pantry

Foie gras terrine with hushpuppies and sweet plantains Trummer’s on Main

Lamb burger Food Wine & Co.

Spaetzle with chicken livers, foie gras, and fried egg Bourbon Steak

Marinated Japanese hamachi with green-apple mustard Adour

Gnocchi with salt-cod ragu Komi

Fried flounder with two dipping sauces PassionFish

Kobe brisket with tobacco onions on brioche BLT Steak

Crispy pig’s trotters with candied pecans Vidalia

Black spaghetti with fresh lump crab Bibiana

Crisp-skinned shoat belly with country-style white beans Eola

Dungeness crab Louis salad Johnny’s Half Shell

Ballotine of chicken with leeks, carrots, onions, and mustard sauce Palena

Quinoa risotto with lobster mushrooms and poached egg Ripple

Short-rib hot dog on poppyseed bun Lyon Hall

Local rib eye with salsa verde Vermilion

Aji three ways–sushi, sashimi, and tempura Sushi Sono

Salmon rillettes with miniature everything bagels Ardeo & Bardeo

Portuguese-style swordfish in clam-saffron broth, with sausage and white beans Liberty Tavern

“Yum watercress” salad Ruan Thai

Gougères Newton’s Table

Mussels with veal Bolognese Brasserie Beck

Seafood-studded salsa with fresh-fried chips Pearl Dive Oyster Palace

Top Desserts

Banana mousse with caramel ice cream and butterscotch
Trummer’s on Main

Coconut napoleon with lime caramel the Inn at
Little Washington

Rubber Ducky Taking His Bath, an orange-meringue duck
filled with pineapple sorbet and set afloat on coconut foam


Frozen nougat with orange zest Bistro

Marshmallow/malt-ice-cream sundae Woodberry

Saint-Honoré cake, a ring of candied cream puffs
Café du Parc

Baba au rhum Adour

Crème fraîche cheesecake Vermilion

Bomboloni, Italian ricotta doughnuts