Valentine’s Day Dining Guide Part 2

Sixteen more restaurants boasting special menus this love day.

Proof is offering five courses this Valentine’s Day. Photograph by Scott Suchman.

Last week, we sent you a list of special Valentine’s Day menus with a promise to deliver more when they came in. So here you go: 16 more restaurants offering one-off fare this February 14.

Bourbon Steak
Seating(s): 6 to 10 PM
Price: $95 for a three-course dinner.
Reservations: Call 202-944-2026, or reserve online.
Etc.: Diners can choose between four dishes for each course.

Seating(s): 5:30 to 10 PM
Price: $85 for a five-course dinner, or $130 with wine pairings.
Reservations: Call 703-894-3440, or reserve online.

Seating(s): 11:30 to 10 PM
Price: $15 for a special Valentine’s Day cocktail for two.
Reservations: Call 202-737-7770, or reserve online.
Etc.: Indulge in a heart-shaped chocolate torte with fresh strawberry-Chambord sauce and four chocolate-covered strawberries to end the night. Available from Saturday, February 12, through Tuesday, February 14.

Cedar Restaurant
Seating(s): 5:30 to 10 PM
Price: $80 for a five-course dinner, or $105 with wine pairings.
Reservations: A credit card is required for reservations, and 72 hours advance notice is required for cancellation; otherwise a charge will be incurred.
Etc.: Ask for table 18, a corner spot great for snuggling with your beloved.

Co Co. Sala
Seating(s): 5:30 to 10 PM
Price: $75 for a six-course special dinner, or $105 with wine pairings.
Reservations: Recommended; call 202-347-4265 or reserve online.
Etc.: All the dishes on the menu, aptly titled “Cheese & Chocolate Fetish,” contain some elements of either or a little of both.

El Centro
Seating(s): 5 to 11 PM
Price: $50 for a three-course Sweetheart Dinner.
Reservations: Call 202-328-3131, or reserve online.
Etc.: This includes a choice of beverage, appetizer, entrée, and shared dessert.

Seating(s): 5:30 to 10 PM
Price: $95 for a six-course tasting menu.
Reservations: Call 202-546-0088, or reserve online.
Etc.: Book table 38 to sit at a banquette with an unobstructed view of the kitchen.

Seating(s): 5 to 10 PM
Price: $125 for a seven-course tasting menu.
Reservations: Call 202-628-2888 or reserve online.
Etc.: The special menu will be available from Friday, February 10, through Tuesday, February 14. 

Seating(s): 5:30 to 10 PM
Price: $75 for a five-course dinner.
Reservations: Call 202-861-1310, or reserve online.
Etc.: Table 30 is a prime window seat overlooking the restaurant’s pretty front deck.

Seating(s): 5 to 11 PM
Price: $60 for chef Mike Isabella’s special tasting menu.
Reservations: Recommended; call 202-289-3600, or reserve online.
Etc.: The price includes a glass of Prosecco. Heart-shaped cookies for dessert come with a personalized message.

Kababji Grill
Seating(s): 5 to 10 PM
Price: $70 per couple for a five-course dinner, including a glass of Champagne.
Reservations: Call 202-822-8999, or reserve online.
Etc.: Corner tables are the coziest. 

Masa 14
Seating(s): 5 to 11 PM
Price: $60 for a menu of edamame, three signature small plates, and dessert.
Reservations: Call 202-328-1414, or reserve online.

Poste Modern Brasserie
Seating(s): 5 to 10 PM
Price: $80 for an intimate meal with shareable plates.
Reservations: Call 202-783-6060, or reserve online.
Etc.: Separate dishes are also available for $75.

Seating(s): 5:30 to 10 PM
Price: $95 for a special five-course tasting menu, or $150 with wine pairings.
Reservations: Call 202-737-7663, or reserve online

Seating(s): 5 to 11 PM, or 9 PM on Sunday
Price: $65 for a four-course dinner, or $95 with your choice of wine or beer pairings.
Reservations: Recommended; call 202-730-2500, or reserve online.
Etc.: The special Valentine’s Day menu is available from Friday, February 10, through Tuesday, February 14.

Seating(s): 5:30 to 10 PM
Price: $65 for a four-course tasting menu featuring dishes from Lyon and Elba, $95 with wine pairings.
Reservations: Call 202-956-6650, or reserve online.
Etc.: For the more adventurous, there’s also a special offal-inspired bar bites menu of hearts, tongues, and cheeks.

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