Tasty Takeout Ideas for Super Bowl Sunday

Chips and dips? Forget about it. Go above and beyond with one of these five procrastinator-friendly options.

If you want cupcakes decked out with football flare, order them by 8 PM on Saturday. Photograph courtesy of Georgetown Cupcake via Twitter.

1) A.M. Wine Shoppe has meat and cheese boards—artisanal cheese, salami, bite-size sandwiches—that you can order for the Super Bowl. A cheese-only platter that serves ten is $55, and a combo with meats is $75. A plate of bite-size Admorghese sandwiches (finochino, mortadella, prosciutto, cotto, provolone, spicy pickles, and olive oil on semolina sesame bread), meanwhile, is $50. Place your order by 5 PM on Saturday.

2) Key lime pie from Red Truck!

3) In addition to cleaning and steaming your lobsters, Cannon’s Fish Market in Georgetown will sell you cocktail shrimp for $25.99 per pound, along with oysters—Blue Points and Chincoteagues are among the varieties currently on ice.

4) A whole lot of chowder from Legal Seafoods can be overnighted to your doorstep. Order online here

5) Georgetown Cupcake has special Super Bowl cupcakes for both Pats and Giants fans. They can be ordered in any quantity, but call before 8 PM on Saturday to ensure you’ll have them in time for the game.

For New York– and New England–themed takeout ideas this Sunday, click here.