Bob Harper of “The Biggest Loser” Drops By a Local Gym for a Workout

Trainers at Balance Gym in Thomas Circle had the opportunity to coach one of the most well-known trainers in the US.

The Biggest Loser’s Bob Harper stopped by Balance Gym in Thomas Circle for a Crossfit workout. Photographs courtesy of Balance Gym.

In a rare twist, the Biggest Loser’s hardass trainer Bob Harper became the trainee when he dropped by Balance Gym at Thomas Circle Wednesday night for a surprise workout session.

“He swung by for a workout last night and was very down to earth,” says general manager Devin Maier. “A lot of the members didn’t even realize who he was. He fit right in.”

The team can thank Twitter for sending Harper their way. It went down like this:

Harper, who has been with Biggest Loser since 2004, stopped in for a 30-minute CrossFit workout, a popular, high-intensity routine he has been a big proponent of in recent months.

Maier says Harper was very attentive to the trainers who led the class. “It’s cool to see a coach trying to get better at his craft.”

The workout included Olympic lifting, lunges, and other standard CrossFit movements. “He was pretty proficient,” Maier says.

Harper is training for the Open, which is a worldwide qualifier for the annual CrossFit Games in July. Maier says they were all surprised to hear that Harper is registered for the masters division, meaning he is in the 45-and-over category.

“All of us were like, ‘No way!’” Maier says. “He definitely doesn’t look like he’s 46.”

You can check out Harper’s profile for CrossFit here.

We never found out why Harper was in DC in the first place, but Maier says he mentioned he was headed to the White House the next day.