22 Things You Should Never Say to Your Personal Trainer

Hate pushups? Then beware of what comes out of your mouth at your next training session.

“Won’t this foam roller crush my organs?” is just one thing to never say to your personal trainer. Screenshot from Sh*t Women Say to Personal Trainers video.

By now we’ve all seen the hilarious “Sh*t People Say” videos that have taken over YouTube. We couldn’t help but chuckle after watching “Sh*t Women Say to Personal Trainers,” especially since—and don’t deny it—we’ve all said one or two of those phrases before.

But we’re not the ones who have to hear those irritating comments every day. We asked a bunch of local personal trainers to tell us the most cringe-worthy, annoying things their clients say to them on a daily basis. From “Why do we always have to do pushups?” to “I just had a chimichanga,” these poor trainers have heard it all.

1) “I don’t want to lift—don’t make me bulky.” (Says the woman lifting a five-pound weight.)

2) “How do I lose fat just on the side of my leg where this bump is?”

3) “I ate pizza this weekend, so I did two hours of cardio before our session—is that okay?”

4) “Why am I not making any progress?” (Says the guy who missed three sessions in two weeks.)

5) “Wouldn’t it just be faster if I got liposuction?”

6) “I need to look good in a bikini in two weeks. Can you make that happen?”

7) “My best friend is hot, and she eats junk food all the time. Why can’t I?”

8) “I want a good workout—but I don’t want to sweat.”

9) “I wasn’t sore at all from that last workout!”

10) “What do you mean, wash my gym clothes?”

11) “Is this really necessary?”

12) “Why do I have to drink water? Can’t you die from drinking too much of it?”

13) “My last trainer was [harder, better, smarter, tougher, more buff] than you.”

14) “I might as well just give up—I’m never going to get in shape.”

15) “I’m doing the Master Cleanse so I can’t work out too hard—I don’t want to pass out.”

16) “Won’t this foam roller crush my organs?”

17) “I heard on an infomercial that you can get in shape in just five minutes a day.”

18) “But I HATE this exercise!”

19) “But on Biggest Loser they lose 20 pounds a week!”

20) “What kind of steroids should I take?”

21) “I’m too old to get in shape.”

22) “So sorry to do this but can we cancel our appointment? I’m just walking in from a late night with the guys. I’m drunk beyond recognition.”

Are you a personal trainer who has heard even worse complaints from your clients? Let us know in the comments!

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