Get Ready for Wing Wars

Vote for your favorite chicken wings in our annual March Madness face-off.

Who has Washington’s best chicken wings? We find out this month.

It’s March Madness season, and as we do every spring, Best Bites Blog is making it all about the food. In past years, we’ve pitted burgers, pizza, and food trucks against one another, creating March Madness brackets made up of the best local offerings.

This year, our contest concerns chicken wings, an appetizer that creates as much barroom debate as it does sauce-soiled paper napkins. We came up with a list of 32 eateries serving up some of our city’s finest fried appendages, then randomly drew numbers to determine which bars and restaurants would go up against one another in the first round.

Check back here on Monday, when we’ll publish the brackets and start asking you to vote to see who will make it into the sweet 16. Break out the ranch dressing and celery sticks, Washington—Wing Wars is about to begin.