Wing Wars: The Black Squirrel vs. Fuel Pizza

Who has the best wings in Washington? You decide.

Welcome back to Wing Wars, our March Madness-Style competition in which Washington’s finest chicken-wing venues go beak to beak to determine the top saucy-snack spot in the city. Over the past few weeks, we’ve narrowed the list from 32 to eight. Make that seven, actually–in yesterday’s bout, the first one for the elite eight, the Ugly Mug beat out the Source for a slot in the final four. Congratulations, Mug.

Today, the Black Squirrel goes up against Fuel Pizza. This is a big one, Wing Warriors. Adams Morgan imbibers flock to the Squirrel for its crispy-fried poultry pieces, but fans of downtown pit stop Fuel Pizza showed up in droves to vote in our first two rounds. And given yesterday’s upset, we know well that at this point in the competition, it’s anyone’s game. The poll remains open until midnight, so have at it.