Bar Pilar's New Dining Room Opens Tonight (Menu)

Sneak a peek at the new eats in the 14th Street restaurant’s much-anticipated addition.
Bar Pilar debuts its second-story dining room tonight. Photograph courtesy of Bar Pilar via Facebook.

Click here to see menu.

A little less than a month ago we checked in at Bar Pilar for five new things to expect from its reincarnation: a two-story, entrée-serving, cocktail-slinging version of its former self (yes, there were always cocktails, but now there are more). Check it out for yourself tonight, when Pilar finally reveals the much-anticipated upstairs addition.

Decor-wise, the upstairs is similar to the downstairs–exposed brick, wooden furniture, murals from artist Beth Ross–but there’s a new, much-expanded menu from chef Justin Bittner, cocktails with a focus on house-made ingredients courtesy of Jonathan Fain–he’s likely juicing sugar canes for sweetener as you read this–and a helpful hostess to manage all the folks hoping to snag a table on night number one. And longtime Pilar fans, fear not. The sidewalk-level barroom has the same open-seating policy and small-plates menu as before. 

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