Wing Wars Championship Game: BonChon vs. Boundary Stone

Who has the best wings in Washington? You decide—today.

Cue Boyz II Men’s “End of the Road” wing warriors. This is it: the last face-off in this protracted conflict known as Wing Wars. Our March Madness-Style bracket is nearly complete.

Yesterday’s bout between Fuel Pizza and Boundary Stone generated more votes than any previous competition. It was a fight to the finish, but ultimately it was neighborhood favorite Boundary Stone that waddled away with the prize.

So here we go. It’s time for the championship game. Between now and midnight, it’s up to you to declare whether BonChon or Boundary Stone has the very best wings in all of Washington. BonChon is know for crunchy, crispy-fried goodness, but the natural, free-range chickens used to make Boundary Stone’s wings spent their worry-free youth wandering the barnyard, maybe jamming out in the occasional impromptu drum circle or reciting some stream-of-consciousness poetry.  We can hardly wait to find out who will fly away with it.