The 9 Types of People Not To Be at the Gym

We asked, you complained. Don’t ruin everyone else’s workout by being this annoying person at the gym.

Don’t be the person at the gym who can’t put the cell phone down and hogs all the equipment. Photograph courtesy of iStockphoto.

These days, gyms offer so many classes it makes our head spin trying to choose just one to take. But here at Well+Being, we think it may be time for gyms to start offering Gym Etiquette 101, for those folks who fail to wipe down equipment after use or hog the entire weight area.

Inspired by the viral video Don’t Be That Guy at the Gym, we turned to you, our readers, and asked what your ultimate pet peeves are at the gym. Here’s what you had to say. And for all those reading: take note, and don’t be anyone on this list at the gym.

The Grunter
There’s nothing worse than being forced out of your in-the-zone mode when a dude expels a loud grunt that reverberates throughout the whole gym. We’re all for letting loose and releasing an animalistic roar now and then, but leave the grunts for the professional tennis players and out of the gym.

The Weight Dropper
Even worse than grunters? Weight-lifters who grunt loudly and then drop heavy weights onto the floor. “I’m usually in the zone and when someone drops a weight it startles me,” one reader says. People, if you can lift the ridiculously heavy weights, than you can gently place them down without scaring the bejeezus out of the rest of us.

The Space Invader
It feels like pure luck when not two, not three, but all ten treadmills are free at the gym. So what’s the deal, asks one Washingtonian editor, with “people who jump on the treadmill me right next to me when all the others are free? It’s creepy.”

The Show-Off
Whether you’re staring at your bulging muscles in the mirror or besting your yoga instructor with an advanced pose, please, take it down a notch. At the very least, sign up for an advanced class and let the rest of us awkwardly attempt to twist our bodies into a pretzel in peace during Yoga for Beginners.

The Cell Phone Fiend
The last thing we want to hear during an elliptical session is the stranger next to us yapping on about her one-night-stand this weekend. Awkward. Even more annoying? The Blackberry clicker who can’t put away his phone for five minutes. Says one reader, “For me, working out is a chance to ESCAPE the ‘always-on’ way of life.”

The Sweaty Non-Wiper
There are lots of antibacterial wipes stationed all over gyms these days, but apparently there are lots of people who don’t understand their purpose. Even worse, they’re usually the profuse sweaters. We don’t want to see your sweaty butt mark on that weight bench, and we certainly don’t want to clean it up.

The Treadmill Stomper
Okay, so maybe you’ve yet to learn the proper mechanics of running. But, seriously, ow! Don’t your shins ache from stomping around like Bigfoot all the time? Learn the art of being light on your feet–your back, legs, and feet will thank you later.

The Lovey-Dovey Couple
There’s nothing wrong with working out with your significant other–in fact, kudos to you for spending time together while staying fit and healthy. But, says one reader, PDA at the gym is not okay: “I’ve watched couples massage each other. Blech.” Save it for the bedroom, folks.

The Make-Up-Wearing Chick
Let’s be honest: none of us look that attractive during and after a workout, what with our messy buns, make-up free faces, and back sweat. So it’s really not cool when the girl next to you has her hair down and eyelashes perfectly curled with mascara, making you look like a schmuck. Join the rest of us scary-looking trolls and stop trying so hard–the gym is the one place we should all be able to figuratively let our hair down.

Do you have more gym pet peeves you want to share? Let us know in the comments.