Cheap Eats 2012: Bayou Bakery

The "muff-a-lotta" sandwich with chips (left) and beignets and chickory coffee (right). Photographs by Scott Suchman.

Cheap Eats 2012

A slew of items on the menu of this quick-serve cafe commanded by pastry chef, sometime TV guest, and Louisiana native David Guas would alone merit a long drive—butter-laden biscuits; rich gumbo; the Arm-Drip, a roast-beef po’ boy dipped in the beef’s own gravy; and pralines so perfect you’d swear they’d been airlifted from the French Quarter. Oh, and omnivores, take note: The veggie sub might tempt you to entertain the idea of giving up meat.

Also good: Poached shrimp with green-onion ré-moulade; hand-ground hot dog; Dat-O cookies, a riff on Oreos; hot chocolate.

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