Green Pig Bistro Now Serving Brunch (Menu)

Will you be having the Angry Bird this weekend? Aunt Florence’s egg pie? Check out the offerings here.

Green Pig Bistro gets into the brunch game. Photograph by Jeff Martin.

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Every Arlingtonian we know has expressed enthusiasm for Scot Harlan’s newish farm-to-table affair in Clarendon, the Green Pig Bistro. So you NOVANs will be happy to hear that the restaurant is now serving weekend brunch with both breakfasty and lunch-type items on offer. Some of the dishes have fun names—Aunt Florence’s egg pie (quiche), the Angry Bird (chicken and waffles). Some dishes have more straightforward names—like fruit danish.

Fans of the restaurant’s “duck fries”—French fries with cheese and duck-liver gravy—fear not. That little snack made the day menu. Other sides include sour-cream doughnuts, banana bread, and cinnamon rolls. For the main event there’s blueberry French toast with maple ice cream; shrimp and grits; and salt cod, egg, and onion. You can check out the full menu here, including cocktails and homemade sodas.

Brunch will be served Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM.