Huge CrossFit Set to Open in Navy Yard

Capital Retail Group announces a 10,000-square-foot CrossFit facility to open later this year.

The CrossFit craze is quickly spreading throughout Washington, and now CrossFitters will have a 10,000-square-foot space in the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood to do all the burpees, squats, and cleans they want.

District CrossFit, owned by Andrew Killion, will be leasing the space, which is set to open sometime in the third quarter of this year at 1525 Half Street, Southwest.* It’s just two blocks from the Navy Yard Metro and Nats Park. The already burgeoning neighborhood is home to 35,000 daytime employees, according to the Capitol Riverfront Business Improvement District. 

In a statement, Robert Tack, CEO of Capital Retail Group, said the building has concrete floors, high ceilings and an open floor plan, and is rectangular—“perfectly set up for a CrossFit.” CrossFit locations are known for their simple, bare spaces with just enough equipment.

Killion says District CrossFit’s current location at 635 New York Avenue, Northwest, has no plans to close once the new space opens.

CrossFit is a fitness and strengthening program that focuses on high-intensity, functional movement. It’s gained popularity in recent years and the first CrossFit location opened in DC in 2005. Washington now has approximately 40 affiliates.

For current members of District CrossFit, Killion says to stay tuned for more news next week.

*This post was updated from an earlier version.