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Your Heatwave Photos From This Weekend

Reader-submitted snapshots from the hottest weekend of the year.

Yum—sidewalk eggs. Photograph courtesy of Shutterstock.

On Saturday, Washington officially broke its record for
longest heatwave, with nine straight days of temperatures above 95.
Yesterday we asked you to send us photos of how you spent the blistering weekend. Did you brave the 105-degree heat to visit the
Folklife Festival? Did you stand in your air-conditioned
apartment and look out the window, pointing and laughing at the
masses below? Or did you indulge in that time-honored tradition
of attempting to fry an egg on the sidewalk? Below, a few of our favorite reader-submitted snapshots.

Photographs courtesy of Shannon Finney.
Photograph courtesy of Lauren Guerin.
Photograph courtesy of Christine Baccante.
Photograph courtesy of Michal Ilewski and Joanna Lukasik.
Photograph courtesy of Samantha Dorsey.