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Howard Fineman on Vincent Gray: “Born Without the Embarrassment Gene”

During a discussion today, the MSNBC and Huffington Post political pundit shared his thoughts on the District’s mayor.

Howard Fineman. Photograph courtesy of Fineman.

During a discussion today with MSNBC and Huffington Post political pundit
Howard Fineman, the subject turned to the crisis in the DC government. So far this year, two council
members, including the council chairman, have resigned due to fraud charges, and Mayor

Vincent Gray waits to hear the results of a federal investigation into his campaign practices.
He could be indicted.

Fineman said that while he’s a DC resident, he doesn’t pay too much attention to DC
politics. The mayor’s situation, though, is on his radar. He said he thought Gray
should go. But will he resign, even if indicted? Fineman, who has covered presidential
campaigns since the early 1980s, was doubtful. “Some politicians are born without
the embarrassment gene, like Vincent Gray,” he said. He added that
Bill Clinton has the same gene.